Veronica Pedrosa

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Veronica Pedrosa is a broadcast journalist working for Al Jazeera English.

Veronica Pedrosa
Born Philippines[1]
Nationality Filipino
Education St Paul's Girls' School
Occupation Journalist
Spouse(s) Mark Phillips (married 1998-)[2]
  • Carmen Navarro Pedrosa

Early career

Pedrosa was a news anchor of CNN International and BBC World.[2][3] She has also been a journalist with ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs.

In 2004, at the Asian Television Awards, Pedrosa was named the Best News Anchor.[4][5]

Al Jazeera English

Kuala Lumpur

She has worked for the station since its launch, and was the lead news presenter at the Kuala Lumpur broadcast centre from 2005 in the run-up to the launch to 2010 and the closure of the Malaysian bureau as a broadcast centre. [6][7][8][9]


In 2013, took a break from her work as a field journalist in the Far East to work for a period as a presenter in Qatar. From the main broadcast centre in Doha, she appeared as a news-anchor and as a host of studio-based discussion programmes, such as the daily programme Inside Story, and the more specialist weekly, Inside Syria. She has also hosted an edition of Talk to Al Jazeera, from Indonesia. In November 2013, she returned to her homeland to cover the aftermath of the super-typhoon in the Philippines.


Pedrosa has considerable experience as the Al Jazeera English correspondent in Bangkok, filing stories from Thailand and throughout the South-East Asia region.

Personal life


Pedrosa is the daughter of Filipino journalist Carmen Navarro Pedrosa.

Mrs. Navarro Pedrosa wrote a critical biography of the then-First Lady Imelda Marcos, during the Martial Law Era in the Philippines. To avoid retribution and political persecution by the regime of the then-President Ferdinand Marcos, the Pedrosa family went into exile in London.


Pedrosa was educated at St. Paul's Girls' School, in London and at Newnham College, Cambridge. She graduated from Cambridge University in 1988, with an MA (Hons.) in English.


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