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The claim that Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people face above-average levels of violence motivated by disapproval of their sexual behaviour or gender identity is a contentious one, frequently used by the LGBT movement to gain victimhood status, which is a valuable political tool. This victim status enables them to gain large payments from governments, the EU, the UN and charities, as well as enjoy charity tax exemption in many Western countries. This provides incentive for them to exaggerate, distort or even invent evidence. A loop is discernible, whereby LGBT organizations receive funding, use it to present findings about their supposed victimhood, and use this to argue their entitlement to more funding.

It is essential to make a distinction between penalties imposed by the state and acts of violence by individuals, alleged by homosexuals themselves. The latter allegations are notoriously unreliable.

Compare these two photographs. The first is a genuine picture taken in Buchenwald concentration camp in 1941, and preserved in the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Buchenwald camp, 1938-1941, B&W from US Holocaust Memorial Museum.jpg

The second is a version of the same photograph photo-shopped with pink triangles, featured in Pink News and other highly unreliable LGBT websites, to convince readers that it was homosexuals, rather than Jews, who were persecuted by the Nazis.

Buchenwald picture Photo-shopped by gay website.jpg


Fake Allegations

So-called "gay history" which flourishes in the media and academia, is notoriously unreliable. In 2019, a supposedly "academic" author, Naomi Wolf, had to withdraw a book she had published because it contained false claims about homosexuals being executed in Victorian England. [2]

Fake Reportage

Homosexuals commit a high level of violent crimes against heterosexuals, including murder, which are inconsistent with their victimhood narrative and which are often falsely reported in the media. For instance, the brutal and sadistic murder of Bethany Hill in Stratford UK in 2017 was carried out by a pair of homosexual men, but the newspapers concealed this and reported it as being done by a "woman" "Kayleigh-Louise Woods". This was a fake name adopted by Kyle Lockwood, a homosexual who together with his partner Jack Williams, tortured and killed Hill. See below.

Kyle Lockwood

Kyle Lockwood, a.k.a."Kayleigh-Louise Woods", born male 1996. Jailed in Warwickshire UK in 2017 for the brutal torture and murder of a 20-year-old woman. The victim Bethany Hill was his flatmate. She was found with her hands bound with tape and multiple stab wounds to her neck, and the prosecution presented evidence that Lockwood and his accomplice Jack Williams had planned and carried out the prolonged sadistic killing for their perverted pleasure. A Barbie doll owned by Woods with hair dyed a similar colour to the victim and hands bound with tape was found hidden at his grandmother’s house. Lockwood was listed as ‘male’ on court documentation, yet referred to with female pronouns on the same court documents and as Williams’ ‘girlfriend’ in BBC coverage. Lockwood had been having a homosexual relationship with Williams for some time. The Guardian leftwing newspaper refered to him throughout as a "woman" merely slipping in that he was "assigned male at birth". Even the Daily Mail called Lockwood a "transwoman" and "she" despite the fact that he has never had re-assignment surgery and does not hold a Gender Recognition Certificate.[3] [4] [5] [6]

Violence by Homosexuals Against Each Other

Statistically, homosexuals are far more likely to suffer violence and harm from each other than from heterosexuals. There are shockingly high rates of rape, violent assault, murder and deliberate transmission of venereal diseases between them.

Gerald Matovu 2019

Matavu, a homosexual drug dealer aged 26, started a relationship with actor Eric Michels, 54, via Grindr in August 2018. Matavu gave Michels a fatal dose of the drug GHB at his home in Bolton Road, Chessington, Surrey, and then stole his bank card details and other belongings. Michels was one of 12 men targeted by Matovu and his homosexual lover, Brandon Dunbar, 24, over a 19-month period. Matavu supplied drugs to homosexual serial killer Stephen Port [see below]. Matovu was found guilty of murder and 38 other offences, and given a 31-year sentence, although his defence pleaded that he suffered from dysphoria, wanted to become a woman, and referred to him as "she". [7]

Alex Stewart a.k.a. Alan Baker

Stewart was convicted to the murder of John Weir, 36, a father of two children, whom he invited to his home in 2018. The two men had met just hours earlier on a "gay" dating site. Stewart stabbed Weir at least 16 times. He is currently held in HM Prison Greenock, Scotland, where he identifies as transgender and is being treated as a woman. [8]

David Lee Mangum

David Lee Mangum, a homosexual of Dexter, Missouri, USA, was convicted in 2015 of the crime of recklessly exposing others to HIV. When questioned by health officials, Mangum admitted that although he knew for ten years that he was HIV positive, he had gone on having unprotected relations with up to 300 men without disclosing his HIV status to anyone even his live-in partner. He got 30 years in jail as this was rightly classified as a form of homicide. [9]

Michael L. Johnson

A homosexual former college wrestler, convicted in 2015 in Missouri for knowingly infecting others with the HIV virus. Johnson, aged 23, was sentenced to 30 years for recklessly spreading the virus to five other partners. Johnson met four of the men on social “hook-up” apps, Grindr and Jack’d. At trial, the complainants testified that Johnson had not advised them he was HIV positive. He appealed and the sentence was reduced to ten years. Bleeding-heart liberals insisted that he was a victim rather than a murderer.[10]

Daryll Rowe 2018

Daryll Rowe a homosexual hairdresser aged 27, was sentenced to life in prison for deliberately infecting eight men with HIV. Rowe was diagnosed HIV positive in April 2015 in his home city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Rowe refused treatment and ignored advice from doctors. He knowingly infected numerous partners he met through Grindr in Brighton, East Sussex, and in north-east England. He denied to these partners that he was infected. When they still insisted on using barrier methods, he secretly tore or damaged the condoms. Then he contacted them and gloated about having given them the virus. One of them said "Daryll has destroyed my life". [11]

Stephen Port

Stephen Port, a homosexual chef in Essex, England, was convicted in 2018 of murdering four young homosexual men who met him through “gay” dating websites. Port, aged 41, gave his victims drinks spiked with fatal amounts of the drug GHB to rape them while they were unconscious. After killing them, he dumped their bodies in or near a graveyard. Following the case, LGBT groups immediately tried to blame it on "homophobia". [12]

Clayton Palmer

Clayton James Palmer alias "Sienna Fox" a male prostitute in Perth, Australia was convicted in 2018 of causing grievous bodily harm to a client he infected with HIV. Palmer advertised for clients online claiming he was female. In 2014 he was tested positive for HIV but refused treatment and continued to advertise for male clients. One who had unprotected relations with Palmer multiple times in 2014 and 2015, was diagnosed with HIV in September 2015. Palmer denied knowing he had HIV but medical records proved he had been informed. The judge commented that he had shown "a breathtaking disregard for the life and health of another human being" [13]

Murder of Raymond Boyer

Raymond Boyer, a drug dealer in Hawaii, was bludgeoned to death with a hammer by his male partner, Andrew Devere, a male prostitute, in 1986. Devere told police that Boyer treated him with contempt. The incident is very comparable to the death of Joe Orton. Boyer was well-known to future American President Barack Obama who went to school in Hawaii and called him 'Gay Ray' in a farewell message thanking him for "good times" in High School. [14]

Killing of Andre Melendez 1996

Michael Alig, a well-known New York homosexual, was convicted in 1996 of the gruesome killing of his flatmate "Angel" Melendez, who was also his drug-dealer. It was caused by a dispute about drugs and money. Court was told that another homosexual friend, Robert "Freeze" Riggs, battered Melendez unconscious with a hammer then Alig suffocated him with a sweatshirt until he died. The pair stashed the mutilated corpse in the bathtub and covered it with ice, then continued to party for the next eight or nine days – even inviting friends over to the apartment while Melendez’ body rotted in the other room. Eventually they chopped it up into pieces and threw them into the Hudson River. [15] Alig got 17 years in prison for manslaughter and was then welcomed back to the "gay" party scene like a celebrity.[16]

Curious Tendency of Other People to Die in Vicinity of Homosexuals

Assessment of whether homosexuals are, on balance, victims of global injustice has to take into account the strange tendency of other people to die in the close proximity of homosexuals.

Gemmel Moore

In 2017 Gemmel Moore, a young man aged 26, was found dead in the Hollywood apartment of Mr Edward Buck, 62. Buck was white, wealthy and powerful, a donor to the Democrat party. Moore was poor and black and was taking money for homosexual services. His body was found naked, lying on a mattress. Several others working in the same line alleged that Buck had paid to inject them with drugs so that he could watch them getting high, which was his sexual fetish. Moore's mother also told reporters that Buck had treated her son like this, and that Gemmel had telephoned her once terrified by the effect the narcotics had on him. The higher the dose, the higher the fee. Moore kept a diary in which he wrote that Buck was injecting him with crystal meth and had made him into an addict. An enquiry concluded that Moore had died from an "accidental" overdose of crystal meth. No criminal charges were ever brought against Buck. [17] [18] [19]

Timothy Dean 2019

Another black man, former basketball player, found dead in the apartment of Mr Edward Buck (see above). The L.A. County Coroner’s office said Moore’s death was due to an overdose of methamphetamine. Dean was a known homosexual and had worked in homosexual pornographic films. [20] [21]

Miguel Jimenez

18-year-old Columbian found dead at London flat of his partner, the homosexual lawyer Henry Hendron in 2015. Jimenez had died from an overdose of illegal drugs mephedrone and GBL supplied to him by Hendron who also gave him detailed instructions on how to use them. The prosecutor said: "Both these drugs are commonly used in the gay chemsex scene. Such a combination, particularly if alcohol and cocaine are involved, has a medically proven effect on the heart rate and blood pressure." Hendron had also supplied the drugs to others yet he never faced charges for murder, manslaughter, or any criminal offence. He was merely sentenced to a few week's community service for "negligence".[22]

Robert Eric Wone

Robert Wone, a lawyer aged 32, was mysteriously killed in Washington, D.C. in August 2006. Wone was a happily married man who had arranged to stay overnight at the house of a college acquaintance, so that he could avoid hotel costs. He was probably not aware that the host was homosexual and had relationships with two other homosexual men in the house. According to police affidavits, Wone was “restrained, incapacitated, and sexually assaulted” before his death. There was much evidence to suggest drug-abuse and BDSM activity in the household. Police also alleged that the crime scene had been tampered with and essential evidence cleaned up. No charges were brought for two years, and then the accused were acquitted. [23]

Death of Robert Fleeting

Robert Fleeting.jpg

Robert Fleeting, aged 23, died in mysterious circumstances on 4th September 2011 at the Royal Air Force base at Benson, Oxfordshire, England. He was engaged to be married to his girlfriend. He was found hanged in his room and there was a presumption of suicide but there were many factors that cast doubt on this. Only after he had been cremated were his parents told that a post-mortem examination had shown signs of homosexual assault. By that time it was too late to carry out drug tests. [24]

Murder of Anni Dewani

alt text

Anni Dewani, an Indian woman from Mumbai, was brutally murdered on her honeymoon in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010. Two native South Africans were convicted of the crime, but her husband, Shrien Dewani, came under suspicion and was charged with paying them to assassinate her. Shrien, whose wealthy family had arranged his marriage, had a secret life as a homosexual fetishist and client of male prostitutes. In 2014 Shrien was tried and acquitted of involvement. The judge said in her ruling that it was regrettable that there were so many unanswered questions about what had happened on the night Anni was killed. But she had to rely on the evidence before her — it was insufficient and she was left with no other choice but to let Dewani go. Since then Shrien has found a male partner, Brazilian-born photographer Gledison Lopez Martins. [25]

Stuart Lubbock

The dead body of Lubbock aged 31, was found floating in the swimming-pool at the house of Michael Barrymore in Essex, England, in March 2001. Barrymore, a famous TV presenter, and homosexual, had been giving a party and Lubbock, a guest, was first thought to have drowned. High levels of alcohol, Ecstasy and cocaine were detected in his bloodstream. An autopsy revealed injuries on his body, including anal injuries. The pathologist commented "‘The injuries this young man suffered were very severe and I do not believe they were the result of a consensual sexual act – that is why, in my report, I have said they were the result of a serious sexual assault.” No criminal charges were ever brought. [26]

Rape of Heterosexual Men and Boys by Homosexuals

The problem of homosexuals raping and sexually assaulting heterosexual men and boys is far more prevalent than is generally realized.

In the UK, the worst recorded example of a serial rapist is Reynhard Sinaga, 36, a homosexual first sentenced at Manchester Crown Court in 2017. As new allegations came in, he was eventually found guilty of 159 offences across four separate trials, including 136 anal rapes he filmed on two mobile phones. The Indonesian student, was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 30 years for crimes committed between January 2015 and June 2017.

It was the largest prosecution of its kind by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in history. North West deputy chief crown prosecutor Ian Rushton said: “Reynhard Sinaga is the most prolific rapist in British legal history.

Sinaga would approach intoxicated young men in central Manchester and lure them to his flat in Princess Street. He would spike them with sedatives – which the CPS said was probably a GHB-laced shot – and make them unconscious before filming himself raping them. In many cases, the rape was carried out repeatedly for hours.

He would keep men’s belongings as “trophies” and search for them on Facebook, and once texted a friend about a victim: “He was straight in 2014. 2015 is his breakthrough to the gay world hahaha.” [27]

It is estimated that in one year alone, 2011, the number of such rapes taking place among personnel of the US military, was as high as 10,000. This is an epidemic, and it reflects the aggressive tendencies of homosexuals in general. Many victims are scared to speak out because they fear being disbelieved, blamed or regarded as weak and unmanly. One victim, Michael Matthews was raped in 1974 at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, a year after graduating from North Babylon High School. Three servicemen were lying in wait in the dark and struck him from behind as he walked past a construction site on base. He was knocked unconscious, beaten up and sodomized. The Brooklyn and Bronx VA hospitals have started therapy groups for male survivors. [28]

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