Waterways in the United Kingdom

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St John's Lock and Lechlade in background (River Thames).

Waterways in the United Kingdom is a link page for any waterway, river, canal, firth or estuary in the United Kingdom.

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Rivers in the United Kingdom

See Rivers of the United Kingdom for a list of the rivers of the United Kingdom, organised geographically.

Major navigable rivers include the Humber, Mersey, Yorkshire Ouse, Severn, Thames and Trent. Some minor navigable rivers may be classified as canals. Others include the Warwickshire Avon, the Bristol Avon.

See also articles on the Subterranean rivers of London, and the Jubilee River, which, although man-made, was designed to look and act like a natural river rather than a canal.

Canals in the United Kingdom

Narrow boat (named Toad) emerging from lock with black gates and white ends of the gate arms. Around the lock is a grassy area.
Sulhamstead Tyle Mill Lock (Kennet & Avon Canal).

See Canals of the United Kingdom for a list of the canals of Great Britain organised alphabetically by country, and lists of abandoned and future canal routes.

Likewise, see Canals of Ireland, which covers both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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