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Yin'e (Chinese: 胤䄉; November 28, 1683 – October 18, 1741) was an imperial prince from the Qing Dynasty, the tenth son of the Kangxi Emperor. His mother was the Noble Consort Wen Xi. He was made Prince Dun of Second Rank (敦郡王) in 1709. In 1722 when Kangxi was on his deathbed he called seven of his sons to his side. Yin'e was one of them. In 1722 Yinzhen, the fourth prince became the Yongzheng Emperor, Yin'e changed his name to Yun'e (允䄉) in avoidance of nominal naming taboo. Yin'e was known to be a staunch supporter of the eighth prince Yunsi. In 1724 he was stripped of his title only to have them restored later by the Qianlong Emperor. In 1737 he was given the noble title "Duke Who Assists the State" (輔國公). He died in 1741 at the age of 57.