Zofia Czarnkowska Opalińska

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Zofia Czarnkowska Opalińska
File:Sofia Anne Czarnkowska.jpg
Zofia Anna Czarnkowska, detail of a monument in the church of Sieraków
Spouse(s) Jan Karol Opalinski
Noble family Czarnkowski
Father Adam Uriel Czarnkowski
Mother Theresa Zaleska
Born (1660-03-12)12 March 1660
Died 2 December 1701(1701-12-02) (aged 41)
File:Sieraków nagrobek Opalińskich.jpg
Jan and Zofia Opaliński monument, church of Sieraków

Sofia Anna Czarnkowska (also called Zofia Czarnkowska Opalińska or Catherine-Sophie-Anne Czarnkowska) (12 March 1660 – 2 December 1701[1]) was the daughter of Adam Uriel Czarnkowski and Theresa Zaleska. She was also the grandmother of Marie Leszczyńska (who would be Queen Consort of France, married to Louis XV of France) and Anne Leszczyńska.

She died on 8 December 1701 from pneumonia[2] aged 41, at Breslau (today Wrocław).[3]

A monument was erected in 1748 in the church of Sieraków.[4] The crypt in a nearby castle contains the sarcophagus of the Opalinńki family.

Among her matrilineal descendants is the King Juan Carlos I of Spain, who is her descendant through an unbroken line of Bourbon princesses from Marie Leszczyńska of France, who married within the Bourbon house.


She was married to Jan Karol Opaliński on December 4, 1678. They had several children:

Opaliński-Czarnkowski family

Piotr Opaliński
Krzysztof Opaliński
Zofia Kostka
Jan Karol Opaliński
Adam Sędziwój Czarnkowski
Teresa Konstancja Czarnkowska
Katarzyna Leszczyńska
Catherine Opalińska
Kazimierz Franciszek Czarnkowski
Adam Uriel Czarnkowski
Konstancja Lubomirska
Zofia Anna Czarnkowska
Remigian Zaleski
Teresa Zaleska
Anna Mileżyńska

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