100 Days Before the Command

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100 Days Before the Command
DVD cover
Directed by Hussein Erkenov
Produced by Aleksandr Zosimenko
Written by Vladimir Kholodov
Yuri Polyakov
Starring Vladimir Zamansky
Armen Dzhigarkhanyan
Oleg Vasilkov
Roman Grekov
Valeri Troshin
Aleksandr Chislov
Mikhail Solomatin
Cinematography Vladislav Menshikov
Edited by Galina Dmitriyeva
Vladimir Portnov
Distributed by Peccadillo Pictures
Release dates
  • 1990 (1990)
Running time
67 minutes
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

100 Days Before the Command (Russian: Сто дней до приказа, translit. Sto dney do prikaza) is a 1990 drama film by Hussein Erkenov.


Made in the final months of the Soviet Union, the film follows three young Red Army recruits, Zyrin, Belikov and Elin. The film has no narrative structure and rather than telling a story uses vignettes to show the conditions in which Soviet army recruits lived. The film is often homoerotic, the soldiers are shown to have very little privacy and are forced into such intimate acts as washing each other.[1]


Reaction author

Yuri Polyakov said the movie is bad, but when traveling abroad begging for a DVD movie from the director. For example, to lecture at US universities.


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