130 mm coastal defense gun A-222

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A-222 at a military exhibition on the Kapustin Yar missile range
Type Coastal defense gun
Place of origin Russia
Service history
Used by Russia
Weight 43.7 t (96,000 lb)
Length 13 m (43 ft)
Width 3.1 m (10 ft)
Height 3.9 m (13 ft)
Crew 8

Caliber 130 mm (5.1 in)
Elevation -5° to 50°
Traverse 120°
Rate of fire 12 (max)
Maximum firing range 22 km (14 mi)

130 mm
Speed 60 km/h

The A-222 Bereg (Russian: Берег; "Coast") is a Russian 130 mm self-propelled coastal artillery gun, which was developed in the 1980s and first shown to the public in 1993 at an arms fair in Abu Dhabi.

The Bereg artillery system consists of one command and control vehicle (CPU), a combat support vehicle (MOBD) and up to six weapon systems (SAU). All of them are mounted on 8×8 wheeled all-terrain vehicles providing excellent mobility.

The AK-130 gun is mounted on a wheeled MAZ-543 8×8 vehicle and was designed to engage surface ships and fast attack boats as well as ground targets. It is capable of engaging targets within 1–2 minutes and can fire up to 12 shots per minute.

As of 2003, the only operator of the system was the Russian unit 40th BRAP at a naval base in Novorossiysk at the Black Sea.

Weapon system specifications

The main characteristics of the A-222 "Bereg" system
Target detection range at least 35 km (22 mi)
Effective firing range 22 km (14 mi)
Fire performance 72 rounds/min (6 guns)
Time to destroy a marine target (Destroyer-type) with 80% probability 1–2 minutes
Transfer time to firing position 5–20 minutes
Road speed 60 km/h (37 mph)
Range (max) 850 km (530 mi)
The maximum range between the command and control vehicle and the firing unit
- Range
- Height

1,000 m (1,100 yd)
300 m (330 yd)
Features CPU (Command and Control Vehicle) SAU (Firing Unit) MOBD (Combat Support Vehicle)
Weight, t 43.7 43.5
Length, m 15.2 13.0 15.936
Width, m 3.24 3.1 3.23
Height, m 4.415 3.9 4.415
- Caliber, mm
- Traverse, °
- Elevation, °
none naval gun
± 120
PKT machine gun
± 130
Crew 7 8 4

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