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In service 2005–
Manufacturer Newag, Poland
Constructed 2005 onwards
Number built 8 sets(as of Nov. 2007)
Formation Three-car sets
Operator(s) SKM, Przewozy Regionalne
Train length 60 m (196 ft 10 in)
Maximum speed 110 km/h (68 mph)
Weight 132.6 t (130.5 long tons; 146.2 short tons)
Traction system LKf 450 (4 per trainset)
Power output 580 kW (780 hp)/740 kW (990 hp) (cont./hourly)
Electric system(s) 3kV DC
Current collection method Overhead lines / Pantograph
UIC classification 2′2′+Bo′Bo′+2′2′
Braking system(s) SAB-Wabco
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

14WE is an electric multiple unit (EMU) produced by Newag in Nowy Sącz, Poland. It is a heavily modified version of the PKP class EN57 EMU, of early-1960s vintage.

The trainset consists of driver car (type 410B), motor car (type 309B) and driver car (410B), with four passenger doors per car (two on each side). The 14WE is designed for suburban commuter traffic, with the carrying capacity of 192 seats and (nominally) 255 standing places. It is air conditioned and can be used with platforms 760 to 1,060 mm (30 to 42 in) high.

The trainset has Scharfenberg couplers, which are standard on all Polish EMUs. They are placed at the height of 1,040 mm (41 in), according to an UIC recommendation, whereas the Polish practice is 950 mm (37 in). This creates operational problems in cases of a breakdown.


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