1913 Isle of Man TT

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The 1913 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy races were increased in length to a six lap (226 mile) Junior race and to seven laps (265 mile) for the Senior race. The highest number of entries to date, one hundred and forty seven, were received for these races, however, Frank Bateman, riding a Rudge was the first race fatality in a high-speed accident on the mountain this year.[1][2] Unusually, there was a Russian entrant in the Senior, M Kremleff riding a Rudge, but he retired after crashing.[3]

Junior 350cc Race[4]

Pos Rider Machine Speed Laps
1 Hugh Mason NUT 43.75 mph 6

Senior 500cc Race[5]

Pos Rider Machine Speed Laps
1 H O (Tim) Wood Scott 48.27 mph 7


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