1928 Isle of Man TT

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In the 1928 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy the newly developed 'positive-stop' foot gear-change by Velocette gave Alec Bennett his fifth TT Race win in the 1928 Junior, in the time of 3 hours, 50 minutes and 52 seconds, at an average speed of 68.65 mph (110.48 km/h), and setting a lap record at an average speed of 67.19 mph (108.13 km/h), with his team-mate Harold Willis coming second.

The 1928 Lightweight TT Race was led from start to finish by Frank Longman on an OK-Supreme motorcycle at an average speed of 62.87 mph (101.18 km/h). In contrast the 1928 Senior TT Race was held in heavy rain and mist. The bad race conditions produced many retirements and a slow average speed. The eventual winner of the 1928 Senior TT Race was Charlie Dodson, riding a Sunbeam motorcycle, in 4 hours, 11 minutes and 40 seconds, at an average speed of 62.98 mph (101.36 km/h).

Senior TT (500cc)

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Charlie Dodson Sunbeam 62.98 mph
2 United Kingdom George Rowley AJS 61.27
3 United Kingdom Tommy L Hatch Scott 60.89
4 Republic of Ireland H. G. Tyrell Smith Rudge 60.52
5 Republic of Ireland Stanley Woods Norton 60.42
6 United Kingdom Ted Mellors Norton 59.77
7 United Kingdom F Franconi Sunbeam 59.61
8 United Kingdom John G Duncan Raleigh 59.59
9 United Kingdom A E Warwick P&M 59.15
10 United Kingdom A R Quinn Triumph 59.13

Junior TT (350cc)

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Alec Bennett Velocette 68.65 mph (110.48 km/h)
2 United Kingdom Harold J Willis Velocette 67.16
3 United Kingdom Kenneth Twemlow DOT 66.67
4 United Kingdom Syd Crabtree Excelsior 63.16
5 United Kingdom Freddie Hicks Velocette 63.11
6 United Kingdom George L Reynard Royal Enfield 62.9
7 United Kingdom Cecil Ashby Raleigh 62.2
8 United Kingdom S P Jackson Montgomery 61.8
9 United Kingdom Bernard Laurence Hieatt Cotton 61.3
10 United Kingdom Chris Tattersall DOT 60.7

Lightweight TT (250cc)

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Frank Longman OK-Supreme 62.9 mph
2 United Kingdom C S Barrow Royal Enfield 58.92
3 United Kingdom Edwin Twemlow DOT 58.83
4 United Kingdom George Himing OK-Supreme 58.4
5 United Kingdom Cecil Ashby OK Supreme 57.9
6 United Kingdom Vic C Anstice OK Supreme 57.7
7 United Kingdom S H Jones New Imperial 57.1
8 United Kingdom Jack A Porter New Gerrard 56.8
9 United Kingdom Sid Gleave New Imperial 56.4
10 United Kingdom J G Burney Royal Enfield 55.6

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