1948 Isle of Man TT

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In the 1948 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy festival Harold Daniell, lap record holder since 1938, failed to finish the 1948 Senior TT on his Norton, and victory went to Norton team member, Artie Bell, the flying Ulsterman. Norton dominated, taking the first three places, losing fourth to Geoff Murdoch's AJS, and then filling the next four places. There were thirty three Nortons in a field of fifty six.

Artie Bell also came third in the Junior TT with Freddie Frith taking the flag for first place, and A. R. (Bob) Foster coming second, both on Velocettes. Maurice Cann won the Lightweight with his DOHC 250 cc Moto Guzzi, followed by Roland Pike on a Rudge.

Three Clubman races were again included, for the second year, in the festival with the Clubman Senior race allowing entires of bikes up to 1,000 cc engine capacity.

Later in 1948, at the FICM (later called FIM) meeting in London, it was decided there would be a motorcycle World Championship along Grand Prix lines. It would be a six-race annual series with points being awarded for a placing, and a point for the fastest lap of each race. There would be four classes: 500cc, 350cc, 250cc and 125cc. In the past a Grand Prix had been an individual race. In 1949 for the first time, starting with the Isle of Man TT, a series of Grand Prix races would decide who would be the 1949 World Champion.

Junior TT (350cc)

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Freddie Frith Velocette 81.59 mph 3:14.33.6
2 United Kingdom Bob Foster Velocette 79.55 mph 3:19.12.6
3 United Kingdom Artie Bell Norton 78.97 mph 3:20.50.6
4 United Kingdom Johnny Lockett Norton 78.80 mph 3:21.06.8
5 United Kingdom Maurice Cann AJS 77.27 mph 3:25.06.6
6 United Kingdom Eric Briggs Norton 77.13 mph 3:25.27.6
7 United Kingdom Leslie Graham AJS 76.97 mph 3:25.54.2
8 United Kingdom Eric Oliver Velocette 76.94 mph 3:25.58.8
9 United Kingdom S M Miller Norton 76.11 mph 3:28.12.0
10 United Kingdom Tommy McEwan AJS 76.06 mph 3:28.20.4

Lightweight TT (250cc)

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Maurice Cann Moto Guzzi 75.12 mph 3:30:49.0
2 United Kingdom Roland Pike Rudge 71.85 mph 3:40.33.2
3 United Kingdom Doug St.J Beasley Excelsior 67.68 mph 3:54.09.0
4 United Kingdom Ben Drinkwater Moto Guzzi 66.6 mph 3:57.56.2
5 United Kingdom Ray Petty New Imperial 66.26 mph 3:59.11.0
6 United Kingdom Jock McCredie Excelsior 64.98 mph 4:03:52.2

Clubmans Senior TT

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Jack D Daniells 998 Vincent HRD 80.51 mph
2 United Kingdom F Phil Heath 998 Vincent HRD 79.58 mph 1:53.49.0
3 United Kingdom Cyril A Stevens 490 Norton 76.01 mph 1:59.03.4

Clubmans Junior TT

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Ronnie J Hazlehurst Velocette 70.33 mph
2 United Kingdom G W Robinson AJS 70.02 mph 2:09.21.6
3 United Kingdom Milton Sunderland Norton 69.58 mph 2:10.13.4

Clubmans Lightweight TT

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Monty Lockwood Excelsior 64.93 mph
2 United Kingdom Bill G Dehany Excelsior 63.35 mph 1:47.13.8
3 United Kingdom Ron Carvell Triumph 62.53 mph 1:48.38.0

Senior TT (500cc)

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Artie Bell Norton 84.969 mph 3:06.31.0
2 United Kingdom Bill Doran Norton 80.338 mph 3:17.16.0
3 United Kingdom Jock A Weddell Norton 79.564 mph 3:19:11.2
4 United Kingdom Geoff G Murdoch AJS 78.513 mph 3:21.51.2
5 United Kingdom Noel Pope Norton 78.039 mph 3:23.04.8
6 United Kingdom C W (Bill) Petch Norton 77.806 mph 3:23.41.2
7 United Kingdom Henry Pinnington Norton 77.343 mph 3:24.54.6
8 United Kingdom Jack Brett Norton 77.307 mph 3:24.59.8
9 Italy Omobono Tenni Moto Guzzi 76.857 mph 3:26.12.2
10 United Kingdom Eric Oliver Velocette 76.648 mph 3:26.45.4

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