2S31 Vena

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2S31 Vena
2S31 Vena at "Engineering Technologies 2010" forum (2).jpg
Type Self-propelled mortar
Place of origin Russia
Service history
In service 2014–present
Production history
Designer Motovilikha plant
Designed 1980-2007
Manufacturer Motovilikha plant
Produced 1996
Weight 19.1 tons
Length 7 m
Width 3 m
Height 3 m
Crew 4

Elevation -4° to +80°
Traverse 360°
Rate of fire 8-10 rounds per minute
Maximum firing range 7.2-13 km

Armor Bulletproof
2A80 120 mm mortar
7.62 mm PKTM machine gun
Engine Diesel UTD-29
450 hp
Power/weight 26 hp per ton
Suspension Individual torsion bar
600 km
Speed 70 km/h

The 2S31 Vena (Russian: 2С31 Вена) is a Russian self-propelled 120 mm mortar/cannon. "2S31" is its GRAU designation.

The 2S31 is a 120 mm 2A80 mortar/cannon mounted on the chassis of a BMP-3 infantry combat vehicle. It was developed by Joint Stock Venture "Plants of Motovilikha" (Russian: ОАО "Мотовилихинские заводы"). The weapon system is equipped with digital automated fire control system, navigation system, and optical/electronic reconnaissance and target acquisition system. Mortar mines (up to 7.2 km range) and cannon shells (up to 13 km range) can be used, including guided, HEAT, smoke, and thermobaric munitions. The mass of the system is 19.1 tons.


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