2nd Red Banner Army

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2nd Red Banner Army
Active July 1938 - 1945(?)
Country Soviet Union
Branch Red Army, Soviet Army
Part of Soviet Far East Front
Engagements Invasion of Manchuria
Ivan Konev

The 2nd Red Banner Army was a Soviet field army of World War II that served in the Far East as part of the Soviet Far East Front.

The 2nd Army was created in July 1938 on the far eastern frontiers of the Soviet Union. In September 1940, two months after its formation, the 2nd Army was transformed into the Second Independent Red Banner Army in the far east. In early 1940 (April?) General M.F. Teryokhin took command, who would command the Army throughout the war. In July 1940, the 2nd Army was once again allocated to the Far East, this time under the name of the 2nd Red Banner Army. Until the war's end in 1945, the 2nd Army covered some of the long far eastern borders of the Soviet Union.

In August 1945, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan, and the Soviet Far East Front attacked into Japanese-occupied Manchuria led by Marshal of the Soviet Union Aleksandr Vasilevsky. The 2nd Red Banner Army took part in the victorious offensive, along with other armies, including the 1st Red Banner Army. The 2nd Army's attack was aimed at eastern Manchukuo.

The Army appears to have become the Transbaikal-Amur Military District on October 1, 1945.

Composition July 22, 1941

  • Headquarters[1]
  • 3rd Rifle Division
  • 12th Amurskaya Rifle Division
  • 59th Tank Division
  • 69th Mechanized Division
  • 101st Fortified Region
  • 42nd Corps Artillery Regiment
  • 114th Howitzer Regiment
  • 550th Heavy Howitzer Regiment
  • 2nd Bridge Engineer Regiment
  • 36th Heavy Bridge Engineer Regiment
  • 2nd Armoured Train Battalion
  • 5th Armoured Train Battalion


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