40th Armored Division (United States)

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40th Armored Division
40th Armored Division shoulder sleeve insignia
Active 1954–67
Country  United States
Branch  United States Army
Type Armor
Role Armored warfare
Size Division
Nickname(s) "Grizzly"[1]
Charles A. Ott, Jr.
U.S. Armored Divisions
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30th Armored Division(Inactive) 48th Armored Division(Inactive)

The 40th Armored Division was a division of the United States Army National Guard from July 1954 until 1967.


After its return from the Korean War, the 40th Infantry Division was reorganized on 1 July 1954 as the 40th Armored Division.[2] On 1 December 1967, a major reorganization of the National Guard reduced the Guard to eight combat divisions, with the 40th Armored Division as one of the units designated for inactivation. On 29 January 1968, the Division was eliminated and the 40th Infantry Brigade and 40th Armored Brigade were organized.[3]


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