45th Army (Soviet Union)

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45th Army
Active 1941-1946
Country  Soviet Union
Branch Red Army
Vasily Novikov
Fyodor Remezov

The 45th Army was a field army of the Red Army in World War II.

The 45th Army was formed in late July 1941 in the Transcaucasian Military District from the 23rd Rifle Corps. It included the 138th Mountain Rifle Division, 31st and 136th Rifle Divisions, 1st Mountain Cavalry Division, 55th Fortified Area and other units. On 23 August, the division became part of the Transcaucasian Front. On 30 December 1941, it was subordinated to the Caucasian Front.[1]

It spent most of the war in Iran and ceased to exist in April 1946[1] after return to the Soviet Union.[2] Both its 12th and 13th Rifle Corps and a number of divisions (261st, 296th, 349th, 392nd, 402nd, 406th Rifle Divisions) existed for a long time, and some until the collapse of the Soviet Union.


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Further reading

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