A. Korkunov

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A. Korkunov
Subsidiary of Mars
Industry Confectionery production
Founded 1999
Founder Andrey Korkunov
Sergey Lyapuntsov
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Area served
Products Chocolates
Revenue US$ 100 million (2006)
Parent Mars
Website www.korkunov.ru

A. Korkunov (Russian: А.Коркунов) is a luxury chocolate maker in Russia, founded in 1999 by two entrepreneurs, Andrey Korkunov and Sergey Lyapuntsov. The company has a production facility in Odintsovo, just outside Moscow, and sells its chocolate products across Russia and internationally. A. Korkunov has been named a "Top 10" brand in Russia by both Young & Rubicam and the Rus Brand Independent Organization. It is also the only native Russian brand with an awareness level on par with those of leading global consumer goods brands -- such as Sony, Gillette and BMW -- according to the Young & Rubicam "Power Brand" ranking.

On January 23, 2007 The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company signed a purchase agreement to acquire an 80 percent initial interest in A. Korkunov for $300 million with the remaining 20 percent to be acquired over time.[1] In 2006 Korkunov had $100 million in sales worldwide, produced 25,000 metric tons of chocolate, and exported 5% of that from Russia. [1]

In December of 2012 A. Korkunov opened a chocolate boutique in Moscow selling 15 types of hot chocolate and freshly made products from the production facility in Odintsovo.[2] Possible future plans include more boutiques throughout Russia if the logistic problems can be solved.[2]

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