A180 highway (Russia)

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Narva Highway
Route information
Part of
Major junctions
East end: Saint Petersburg
West end: Estonian border
Highway system
Russian Federal Highways

Russian Route A180, also known as Narva Highway (Russian: Федера́льная автомоби́льная доро́га А180 «На́рва», Federal highway A180 "Narva") is a Russian federal highway that runs from Saint Petersburg through Ivangorod up to the border with Estonia by the Narva River, with the Estonian city of Narva on the opposite bank, which explains the name of the highway. It is part of European route E20, making its easternmost stretch.

Up until late 2010, it was designated as М11, which is now the number of the newly planned Moscow–Saint Petersburg motorway.[1]

The eastern stretch of the highway adjacent to Saint Petersburg, known there as Tallinskoye Highway (Russian: Таллинское Шоссе), is a part of World Heritage site Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments due to its historical significance and a large number of cultural and historical monuments along its course.[2]