Albert Lautman

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Albert Lautman (February 8, 1908 – August 1, 1944) was a French mathematical philosopher. An escaped prisoner of war, was shot by the German authorities in Toulouse on 1 August 1944.


His father was a Jewish emigrant from Vienna who became a medical doctor after he was seriously wounded in the First World War.



  1. Mathematics in France during World War II

Selected bibliography

  • Mathematics, Ideas and the Physical Real (2011) - this volume advertises itself as "the first English collection of the work of Albert Lautman" ISBN 978-1-4411-2344-2
Original work
  • Essai sur les Notions de Structure et d'Existence en Mathématiques
  • Essai sur l'Unité des Sciences Mathématiques
  • Symétrie et Dissymétrie en Mathématiques et en Physique
  • Les Mathématiques, les idées et le réel physique

Other sources

  • Fractal Ontology (English) with translations of Lautman's work by Taylor Adkins and Joseph Weissman.