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Aleksei (born Lazar) Yakovlevich Kapler (also Alexei, Russian: Алексей (born Лазарь) Яковлевич Каплер); (15 September 1904[1][2][3][4][5] – 11 September 1979) was a prominent Soviet filmmaker, screenwriter, actor and writer. He was known as screenwriter of many Soviet movies, such as Lenin in 1918, Amphibian Man, The Blue Bird and Striped Trip, as well as one of the anchors and directors of TV program Kinopanorama (a cinema overview). In 1941, Kapler was awarded the Stalin Prize.

Internments in the Gulag

Kapler is also known as the first love of Joseph Stalin's daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva. According to Stalin's daughter, that was the reason for Kapler to be sentenced in 1943 to five years in exile on charges of anti-Soviet agitation.[6][7] He was sent to Vorkuta region, where he worked as a photographer.

In 1948, he was convicted a second time and spent five more years in Inta labour camps, being finally released only in July 1953.[8] After returning from the Gulag, Kapler continued working on cinema and TV.

Personal life

His first wife was the actress Tatiana Tarnowska (1898–1994), daughter of the scandalous Countess Maria Tarnowska. With Tatiana he had a son, Anatoly (b. 1927). Kapler's last wife was poet Yulia Drunina.


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