Alexander Alexandrovich Vishnevsky

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Alexander Alexandrovich Vishnevsky (Russian: Алекса́ндр Алекса́ндрович Вишне́вский, May 24 [O.S. May 11] 1906, Kazan – December 19, 1975, Moscow) was a Soviet surgeon of Ukrainian descent, member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR (1953), honoured worker of science of the RSFSR (1956), Colonel General of Medical Corps (1966), and a Hero of Socialist Labor (1966). Vishnevsky first conducted a cardiac surgery under the local anesthesia (1953).

A son of Alexandr Vasilyevich Vishnevsky, he elaborated the new methods regarding the gunshot wounds treatment on the Eastern Front of World War II, such as using leeches to remove shrapnel. Later Vishnevsky was awarded several Soviet and foreign awards and prizes.


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