Alexander Zaytsev (artist)

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Alexander Dmitrievich Zaytsev
Born (1903-06-03)June 3, 1903
Blagoveshchensk, Russian Empire
Died May 12, 1982(1982-05-12) (aged 78)
Leningrad, USSR
Nationality Russian
Education Repin Institute of Arts
Known for Painting, Teaching
Movement Realism
Awards Order of Lenin

Alexander Dmitrievich Zaytsev (Russian: Александр Дмитриевич Зайцев) (June 3, 1903, Blagoveshchensk, Russian Empire – May 12, 1982, Leningrad) was a Russian and Soviet painter and art educator, who lived and worked in Leningrad. He was a member of the Leningrad Union of Artists,[1] and professor of painting of the Repin Institute of Arts, who played an important role in the formation of the Leningrad school of painting.[2]


Alexander Dmitrievich Zaytsev was born on June 3, 1903, in Blagoveshchensk city on Amur River. In 1920-1924 he studied in Blagoveshchensk School of Industrial Art. In 1924 he comes to Leningrad and enters the VHUTEIN, where he studied with Osip Braz and Vasily Savinsky. In 1930 Zaytsev graduated from Art Institute as an artist of painting, his graduate work was a picture named «May Day in Leningrad».[3]

Alexander Zaytsev participated in Art Exhibitions since 1928. He painted genre paintings, portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. In 1928-1932 Zaitsev was a member and exhibitor of the Leningrad association «Circle of Artists». Since 1932 he was a member of the Leningrad Union of the Soviet Artists. In 1930-1982 Alexander Zaytsev taught at the Repin Institute. He was Ph.D. in Art History (1943) and professor of painting since 1948, a Honored Art Worker of Russian Federation (1967), a head of personal studio of painting (1963-1982). In 1971 he was awarded the Order of Lenin.

Among his most known paintings were «Stonemasons» (1929), «Motherhood» (1930), «A Foundry of the Baltic Plant» (1933), «Fishermen on Onega Lake» (1935), «Kivach waterfall» (1938), «On the Neva river»[4] (1947), «On the North» (1950), «A Spring»[5] (1955), «Spring in Samarkhand» (1956), «Working settlement»[6] (1957), «Night on the Neva river» (1963), «A Portrait of fisher women Busarova»[7] (1964), «Toilers of the Sea» (1967), «Lenin and Maxim Gorky in Gorki» (1970), «Twilights», «In fishing collective farm in the North»[8] (both 1975), and others.


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