Andrey Aldan-Semenov

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Andrey Aldan-Semyonov
Born 27 October 1908
Shungur, Vyatka Governorate
Died 8 December 1985
Nationality Russian
Occupation Writer

Andrey Ignatyevich Aldan-Semyonov (Russian: Андре́й Игна́тьевич Алда́н-Семёнов; 27 October 1908 – 8 December 1985) was a Russian writer, who was imprisoned in the Far Eastern Soviet gulag camps from 1938 to 1953.[1] Along with Boris Dyakov and Yury Pilyar, he published his memoirs of gulag life as part of the second wave of Russian literature on the Soviet camp experience, after Georgy Shelest published his Kolyma Notes and Alexander Solzhenitsyn his One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.[2]


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