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Anna Mikhaylovna Yevreinova (sometimes referred as Johanna von Evreinov, Russian: А́нна Миха́йловна Евре́инова; 1844—1919) was a Russian feminist writer, lawyer and literary editor. Following her study at the University of Leipzig, she was the first Russian woman to earn the Juris Doctor degree,[1] she was also the first woman who obtained the Juris Doctor degree from a German university.[citation needed]

Anna Yevreinova was a daughter of the manager of the Peterhof Palace, lieutenant general ru. The family tried to arrange Anna's marriage against her will forcing her to attempted suicide. At that time Anna received a letter from Russian mathematician Sofia Kovalevskaya, who proposed help in enrolling to a German university. Since the family objected to her move, Anna could not receive Russian passport and crossed the border illegally, traversing swamps in prunella shoes.[2][3]

She received her J.D degree on 21 February 1873.[4] The title of her dissertation was "The Duties of Neutral Parties towards Parties of War".[5]

She was a frequent correspondent with writers including Anton Chekhov. In 1885 she founded literary magazine Severny Vestnik. She was the chief editor and the owner of this magazine for the first five years of its existence.[2]

She had a long-term relationship with the author Maria Feodorova.[6][7]


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