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Directed by Borys Ivchenko
Written by Viktor Ivchenko
Starring Lyubov Rumyantseva
Grigore Grigoriu
Ivan Mykolaychuk
Konstantin Stepankov
Ivan Havrylyuk
Borislav Brondukov
Release dates
Running time
89 min
Country Soviet Union
Language Ukrainian, Russian

Annychka (Ukrainian: Анничка) is a 1968 Ukrainian drama.

The film, which was produced at the Dovzhenko Film Studios, takes place in 1943 and is about a Hutsul girl played by Lyubov Rumyantseva. In 1969 it received a Golden Tower award at the Phnom Penh Film Festival in Cambodia. The director received a special prize at the Kyiv Film Festival. In USSR alone, in 1969 25.1 million people saw it.


The film dwells of the love story in the midst of the Second World War in 1943. A Hutsul girl Annychka finds herself in the middle of hostilities and gets acquainted with a wounded soldier in the forest. Looking after the soldier, she falls in love with him and turns against her boyfriend in the village, who became a Nazi collaborator. Having told her father of the decision to elope with the soldier she drives her father to despair and eventual insanity. The story ends on a tragic note, when the father kills his daughter.

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