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Ardalion Ardalionovich Rastov (Russian: Ардалион Ардалионович Растов, born 17 June 17, Moscow, USSR – died 31 July 2012, Moscow, Russia) was a Soviet engineer and chief designer of both Kub and Buk self-propelled missile launchers.[1]

He studied radiotechnical at Moscow Energy Institute, graduating in 1949. Since 1948 worked in NII-17. In 1953 he was appointed as Vice Chief designer of Izumrud-2 radar for MiG-17 and MiG-19. In 1955 he was redirected to Zhukovskiy division of NII-17, currently the Tikhomirov NIIP. He directed the trials of K-5 air-to-air missile for MiG-17 and MiG-19.[citation needed]

Since 1957, he worked with the new line of surface-to-air systems design - as Chief designer for Kub missile system (1967—83), which successfully joined military service and mass-produced with more than 500 batteries. For the 16 years as Chief designer he made about 7 modifications of Kub design. He authored numerous science papers (~42) and inventions (3 patents) in the field of aviation and SA military systems.[citation needed]

He is the laureate of Lenin Prize (1972) and State Prize (1980), Hero of Socialist Labour (1983), and received numerous other awards and honours.

Personal life

He has a wife and two daughters.


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