Association "Peace. Beauty. Culture."

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Association "Peace. Beauty. Culture."
Founded 1994
Founder Valentyna Sazonova, Anton Sazonov
Type Non-profit organization
Focus Social enterprise development, educational and social programs for orphans, children from poor families, cultural projects for talented youth
Origins Kherson, Ukraine
Area served
Key people
Anton Sazonov
Slogan Peace. Beauty. Culture.

Association "Peace. Beauty. Culture." (Ukrainian: Асоціація "Мир. Краса. Культура.") is a Ukrainian public non-profit organization created by Valentyna Sazonova and Anton Sazonov in 1994, and registered in May 1996 Since then, the organization is actively working on the field for implementation of various community service programs aimed at solving social problems of children, youth, women and local communities in Ukraine.

The organization's mission

Promoting cultural and social development of society through the provision of information services, consulting, implementation of educational and creative programs that help all-round development of children, youth and women, creativity, increased social activity and awareness of personal significance.

Territoriality programs

The central office of the Association is located in Kherson. Program activities of the organization is distributed mainly in Kiev Kherson Mykolayiv Odessa Lviv, Kirovohrad, Poltava, Zhytomyr, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia field as well as the city of Kiev and Autonomous Republic of Crimea (but in the implementation of individual programs is not limited to these regions).

Fundamentals and principles of

For employees of the organization important factors in the implementation of these programs is the professionalism, accountability and transparency to the community, as well as the impact of programs on a comprehensive solution. For their effectiveness and usefulness to the community association is actively cooperating with other civic and charitable organizations, local and international level, local authorities, media and social responsibility.

Priorities for action

To date, the Association focuses on the following activities:

  • Educational, advisory and training programs for gifted children, orphans, youth and women representatives of vulnerable populations in regions covered by the organization (computer courses for the orphans, the development of student government, school of fashion and design, etc.);
  • Development and implementation of socially oriented information and referral systems for children, youth and their parents, as well as the development of other background and tourism projects;
  • Social Enterprise Association and promote the idea of social entrepreneurship among public organizations of Ukraine, as an effective mechanism for addressing systemic social and economic problems of local communities;
  • Organization and holding of festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural and artistic events of local, national and international levels.


  • School of Fashion and Design has been operating for over 14 years. During the activity was created an innovative program of training and education. School pupils are taught the noble modesty in behavior, performance, teach girls exquisite manners. The teaching process is constructed taking into account individual characteristics and needs of students of the School. The program provides in-depth study for students who have outstanding talent or inclination to disciplines that proposed to study in the School of Fashion and Design.

Academic Programs Schools, which operates in the status of non-formal training and educational institutions, aimed at ensuring the intellectual, cultural, chaste, moral and physical development of pupils. The course of study, students of School of Fashion and Design to study art, music, dance, painting, origami, acting, fashion shows, ethics and aesthetics. Educational process the School aims at optimizing the potential of students, expanding their horizons and understanding of their own individuality.

  • Computer courses for orphans and children from single-parent and low-income families, as well as for women teachers of secondary schools. The program was established in 1999 with the support of Counterpart Alliance Partnership and jointly with the Center for Social Services for Youth and the Board of Trustees at district executive committees of the city. Currently, the program trained approximately 2000 adolescents and 200 teachers. To date, the program continues and develops through its own resources the organization, the local sponsoring companies.
  • Of Information and background for children, youth and their parents. Information and referral service "Kherson for your child," which extends social information for children, youth and parents. The program was founded with the city center of social services for youth with the support of Counterpart Alliance Partnership in 1999 and continuing through the Association's own resources and partly from the local budget. Services are used by service 300-350 people every month, the database contains more than 2000 services and organizations that provide these services more than 15,000 clients have benefited from the service during the period of its work. As part of reference services quarterly magazine "Kherson for your child" a total circulation of 8000 copies. The program also involved education, educational, cultural institutions of the city, CSO, various departments of local governments.

Now the Association is working on a portal-oriented socio-information systems of Ukraine on the Internet.

  • Education of a legitimate behavior and active citizenship of children and adolescents, making them aware of the basic principles of a democratic society through participation in a comprehensive program of legal education based on children's health "Sunny" and public schools, Kherson region. The project started in 2004 with the support of Citizen Action Network in Ukraine ", Institute for Sustainable Communities (UCAN / ISC).

In Kherson was founded (the project) instructional development center student government to improve the model of student self-government based on the summer recreation area agencies, schools, colleges, dissemination of experience of civic education to children through counseling and training programs, as well as the growing influence of pupil autonomy on the activities of educational institutions and the formation of local youth policy. Create a practical center helps develop pupil autonomy in 7 schools, Kherson region (the total number of students referred Schools 12000, about 1400 students are actively involved in school events and activities of municipalities).

  • Social enterprise Association - Design House "Valentyna Sazonova". Social enterprise produces a festive and casual clothing for the entire family of natural and environmentally friendly fabrics, fashion accessories, original author's dolls and souvenirs, home textiles, etc.

The activities of social enterprise of the Association can learn more at website.

  • Above listed program activities are given as examples, but the Association is not limited to them.

Social entrepreneurship

In the structure of the organization of social entrepreneurship is one of the key places. Most of the programs the organization is constructed in such a way as to provide services or manufacture and sale of goods covered the cost of social and educational programs of the Association.

For example, in the School of Fashion and Design, working with the Association, thanks to the students who pay tuition fees, there is the opportunity to teach gifted children from low-income or single parent families on preferential terms (for free or partial payment). Computer courses for orphans and children from poor families (learning which has already passed more than 2000 students) are taught free of beneficiaries through groups of students to pay conditions.

In the creative workshop of the Association are copyright textile dolls, clothes made of natural materials and accessories, sale of which helps to involve single mothers, women with good hands from small towns and villages, as well as retirees. In addition, income from the workshop provide an opportunity to create collectible dolls and clothes, which appear in exhibitions, festivals and fairs in Ukraine and abroad.

Social entrepreneurship is helping the Association achieve its mission through the funding of social and educational programs, as well as through the involvement of women-seamstresses to crafts social enterprise contributes to the disclosure of their creative potential.

In 2009, about 90% of the income of the Association consisted of the proceeds from the social entrepreneurship.

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