Atofio Hrysafi

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Atofio Hrysafi
Ατόφιο Χρυσάφι
Studio album by Keti Garbi
Released 1994
Recorded 1994, Studio Sierra
Genre Pop, Modern Laika
Length 36:38
Label Sony Music Greece/Columbia
Producer Giannis Doulamis
Keti Garbi chronology
Os Ton Paradeiso
(1993)Os Ton Paradeiso1993
Atofio Hrysafi
Arhizo Polemo
Singles from Atofio Hrysafi
  1. "Ksipoliti Horevo"
    Released: 1994
  2. "Atofio Hrysafi"
    Released: 1994
  3. "Mi Me Sigrineis"
    Released: January, 1994
  4. "Kolasi"
    Released: 1994
  5. "Poliorkia"
    Released: 1994

Arhizo Polemo1996

Atofio Hrysafi is an album by popular Greek artist Keti Garbi. It was released in 1994 by Sony Music Greece and went 2× Platinum in Greece and Cyprus, selling over 120,000 units. The album contains ten songs, five of which were composed by Kostas Tournas and five of which were composed by Phoebus. Of these, the songs "Ksipoliti horeuo", "Mi me sigkrineis", and "Kolasi" still see airplay.

Track listing

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Ksipoliti Horevo" (Ξυπόλυτη χορεύω; I Dance Barefoot) Kostas Tournas Kostas Tournas 4:13
2. "I Agapas I Fevgis" (Ή αγαπάς ή φεύγεις; To Love Or To Leave) Kostas Tournas Kostas Tournas 3:11
3. "O,ti Oneirevomaste Ginete" (Ό,τι ονειρευόμαστε γίνεται; Whatever Our Dreams Become) Kostas Tournas Kostas Tournas 3:11
4. "Mi Me Sigrinis" (Μη με συγκρίνεις; Do Not Compare Me) Kostas Tournas Kostas Tournas 4:03
5. "Otan Se Ksehaso" (Όταν σε ξεχάσω; When I Forget You) Kostas Tournas Kostas Tournas 3:42
6. "Se Poliorkia [Pes, Pes]" (Σε πολιορκία (Πες, πες); In Siege [Say It, Say It]) Phoebus Phoebus 3:33
7. "Kolasi" (Κόλαση; Hell) Phoebus Phoebus 3:25
8. "Atofio Hrysafi" (Ατόφιο xρυσάφι; Pure Gold) Phoebus Phoebus 3:25
9. "O Ilios Pou Egine Vrohi" (Ο ήλιος που έγινε βροχή; The Sun That Will Be Rain) Phoebus Phoebus 3:48
10. "Moiazo" (Μοιάζω; I Resemble) Phoebus Phoebus 4:07

Music videos

  1. "Ksipoliti Horevo" (Kante Akri) (I Dance Barefoot [Move To One Side])
  2. "Min Me Sigrinis" (Do Not Compare Me)
  3. "Kolasi" (Hell)
  4. "Atofio Hrisafi" (Pure Gold)
  5. "Se Poliorkia (Pes Pes)"