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Attorney General of Colorado
Seal of the Executive Office of Colorado.svg
Cynthia Coffman

since January, 2015
Colorado Department of Law
Constituting instrument Colorado Constitution

The Attorney General of the State of Colorado is the chief legal officer for the state of Colorado and the head of the Colorado Department of Law, a principal department of the Colorado state government. The incumbent Colorado Attorney General is Cynthia Coffman, who was elected in November, 2014, to a four-year term that began on January 13, 2015.

The Department of Law has seven sections: Appellate, Natural Resources and Environmental, Consumer Protection, State Services, Civil Litigation and Employment Law, Criminal Justice, Revenue & Utilities, and Business & Licensing.[1]

List of Colorado Attorneys General

Attorney General of the Territory of Colorado Political party Order Term of Service
James E. Dalliba Republican 1st 1861–1862
Samuel E. Brown Republican 2nd 1862–1865
George W. Chamberlain Republican 3rd 1865–1869
Henry C. Thatcher Republican 4th 1869–1873
From 1873 to 1877 the Attorney General position was filled by the U.S. Attorney due to lack of funding by the territorial government. In 1876 Colorado was admitted to the Union as a State.
Attorney General of the State of Colorado Political party Order Term of Service
A.J. Sampson Republican 1st 1877–1878
Charles W. Wright Republican 2nd 1879–1880
Charles H. Toll Republican 3rd 1881–1882
David F. Urmy Republican 4th 1883–1884
Theodore H. Thomas Republican 5th 1885–1886
Alvin Marsh Republican 6th 1887–1888
Samuel W. Jones Republican 7th 1889–1890
Joseph H. Maupin Democrat 8th 1891–1892
Eugene Engley People's Party 9th 1893–1894
Byron L. Carr Republican 10th 1895–1898
David M. Campbell Republican 11th 1899–1900
Charles C. Post Republican 12th 1901–1902
Nathan C. Miller Republican 13th 1903–1906
William H. Dickson Republican 14th 1907–1908
John T. Barnett Democrat 15th 1909–1910
Benjamin Griffith Republican 16th 1911–1912
Fred Farrar Democrat 17th 1913–1916
Leslie E. Hubbard Democrat 18th 1917–1918
Victor E. Keyes Republican 19th 1919–1922
Russel W. Fleming Democrat 20th 1923–1924
Wayne C. Williams Democrat 21st 1924–1925
William Boatright Republican 22nd 1925–1928
Robert E. Winbourn Republican 23rd 1929–1930
John S. Underwood Republican 24th 1930–1931
Clarence L. Ireland Republican 25th 1931–1932
Paul P. Prosser Democrat 26th 1933–1936
Byron G. Rogers Democrat 27th 1936–1940
Gail L. Ireland Republican 28th 1941–1944
H. Lawrence Hinkley Republican 29th 1945–1948
John W. Metzger Democrat 30th 1949–1950
Duke W. Dunbar Republican 31st 1951–1973
John P. Moore Republican 32nd 1973–1974
J.D. Mac Farlane Democrat 33rd 1975–1982
L. Duane Woodard Republican/Democrat 34th 1983–1991
Gale A. Norton Republican 35th 1991–1999
Ken Salazar Democrat 36th 1999–2005
John W. Suthers Republican 37th 2005–2015
Cynthia Coffman Republican 38th 2015–present


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