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Seal of the Attorney General of Indiana

The Indiana Attorney General is the chief legal officer of the State of Indiana in the United States. Attorneys General are chosen by a statewide general election to serve for a four-year term. The forty-second and current Attorney General is Greg Zoeller.

The annual salary of the Attorney General of Indiana is $79,400.[1]

List of Indiana Attorneys General


Attorney General Political Party Term of Service
Benjamin Parke 1804–1808
John Rice Jones 1808–1816


Under the 1816 Constitution of Indiana the office of Attorney General was filled by appointment. After the adoption of the 1851 constitution, the office was filled by popular election.

Attorney General Political Party Term of Service
James Morrison Republican 1855–1856
Joseph E. McDonald Democratic 1856–1860
James G. Jones Republican 1860–1861
John Palmer Usher Republican 1861–1862
John F. Kibbey Republican 1862
Oscar B. Hord Democratic 1862–1864
Delano E. Williamson Republican 1864–1870
Bayless W. Hanna Democratic 1870–1872
James C. Denny Republican 1872–1874
Clarence A. Buskirk Democratic 1874–1878
Thomas W. Woollen Democratic 1878 –1880
Daniel P. Baldwin Republican 1880–1882
Francis T. Hord Democratic 1882–1886
Louis T. Michener Republican 1886–1890
Alonzo G. Smith Democratic 1890–1894
William A. Ketcham Republican 1894–1898
William L. Taylor Republican 1898–1903
Charles W. Miller Republican 1903–1907
James Bingham Republican 1907–1911
Thomas M. Honan Democratic 1911–1915
Richard M. Milburn Democratic 1915
Evan B. Stotsenburg Democratic 1915–1917
Ele Stansbury Republican 1917–1921
U. S. Lesh Republican 1921–1925
Arthur L. Gilliom Republican 1925–1929
James M. Ogden Republican 1929–1933
Philip Lutz, Jr. Democratic 1933–1937
Omer Stokes Jackson Democratic 1937–1940
Samuel D. Jackson Democratic 1940–1941
George N. Beamer Democratic 1941–1943
James A. Emmert Republican 1943–1947
Cleon H. Foust Republican 1947–1949
J. Emmett McManamon Democratic 1949–1953
Edwin K. Steers Republican 1953–1965
John J. Dillon Democratic 1965–1969
Theodore L. Sendak Republican 1969–1981
Linley E. Pearson Republican 1981–1993
Pamela L. Carter Democratic Party 1993–1997
Jeffrey A. Modisett Democratic 1997–2000
Karen Freeman-Wilson Democratic 2000–2001
Stephen R. Carter Republican 2001–2009
Gregory F. Zoeller Republican 2009–present



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