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Attorney General of
the State of Kansas
Derek Schmidt

since January 10, 2011
Formation June 30, 1854
Website www.ksag.org

The Attorney General of Kansas is a statewide elected official responsible for providing legal services to the state government of Kansas.


  • Criminal Justice
  • Civil Litigation
  • Consumer Protection
  • Concealed Carry
  • Kansas Bureau of Investigation
  • Legal Opinions and Government Counsel
  • Kansas Solicitor General Unit
  • Medicaid Fraud Unit

Office holders

Kansas Territory Attorneys General

Name Term Party
Andrew Jackson Isacks 1854–1857
William Weer 1857–1858
Alson C. Davis 1858–1861

State Attorneys General

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politics and government of
Name Term Party
Benjamin Franklin Simpson 1861 Republican
Charles Chadwick 1861 Republican
Samuel Adams Stinson 1861–1863 Democratic
Warren William Guthrie 1863–1865 Republican
Jerome D. Brumbaugh 1865–1867 Republican
George H. Hoyt 1867–1869 Republican
Addison Danford 1869–1871 Republican
Archibald L. Williams 1871–1875 Republican
Asa Maxson Fitz Randolph 1875–1877 Republican
Willard Davis 1877–1881 Republican
William Agnew Johnston 1881–1884 Republican
George Price Smith 1884–1885 Democratic
Simeon Briggs Bradford 1885–1889 Republican
Lyman Beecher Kellogg 1889–1891 Republican
John Nutt Ives 1891–1893 Democratic
John Thomas Little 1893–1895 Populist
Fernando Brenton Dawes 1895–1897 Republican
Louis C. Boyle 1897–1899 Populist
Aretas Allen Godard 1899–1903 Republican
Chiles Crittendon Coleman 1903–1907 Republican
Fred Schuyler Jackson 1907–1911 Republican
John Shaw Dawson 1911–1915 Republican
Sardius Mason Brewster 1915–1919 Republican
Richard Joseph Hopkins 1919–1923 Republican
Charles Benjamin Griffith 1923–1927 Republican
William A. Smith 1927–1930 Republican
Roland Boynton 1930–1935 Republican
Clarence Victor Beck 1935–1939 Republican
Jay S. Parker 1939–1943 Republican
Alexander Baldwin Mitchell 1943–1947 Republican
Edward F. Arn 1947–1949 Republican
Harold Ralph Fatzer 1949–1956 Republican
John Anderson, Jr. 1956–1961 Republican
William M. Ferguson 1961–1965 Republican
Robert C. Londerholm 1965–1969 Republican
Kent Frizzell 1969–1971 Republican
Vern Miller 1971–1975 Democratic
Curt T. Schneider 1975–1979 Democratic
Robert Stephan 1979–1995 Republican
Carla J. Stovall 1995–2003 Republican
Phill Kline 2003–2007 Republican
Paul J. Morrison 2007–2008 Democratic
Stephen Six 2008–2011 Democratic
Derek Schmidt 2011–present Republican


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