Auto-Cycle Union

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Auto-Cycle Union
Sport Motorcycling
Founded 1903
Affiliation Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme
Affiliation date 1904
Official website
United Kingdom

The Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) is the governing body of motorcycle sport in Great Britain, including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, but excluding Northern Ireland.[1][2]

Founded in 1903 and acquiring its current name in 1907,[citation needed] its aim was to develop motor sport through clubs and arrange touring facilities for members.[citation needed]

From page one of the Auto-Cycle Union Official Pocket Handbook, 1964:[3]

Auto Cycle Union: Founded in 1903 as a Branch of the Royal Automobile Club to protect the interests of Motorcyclists and to encourage the Sport and Pastime of Motorcycling, and since 1924 has existed solely for the purpose of encouraging and controlling the Sport.

In 1904 it was a founding member of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme. The 1911 Isle of Man TT was the first of the TT races to be organised by the ACU.[citation needed]

The sports covered are: grasstrack (track racing), enduro, motocross, road racing, speedway and trials.

The ACU also governs the safety standards for personal protection equipment worn during racing. Only motorcycle helmets which meet ACU standards and display the appropriate ACU sticker can be worn in 'speed' competitions. The majority of quality helmets sold in the UK now feature an ACU Gold sticker and many riders choose these for everyday use in preference to those that meet the more basic BS6658:1985 legal requirement.[citation needed]


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