Autonomous republics of Ukraine

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Autonomous republic of Ukraine
Category Subdivision of a unitary state
Location  Ukraine
Created 1992
Number 1
Government Supreme Council

Ukraine is administratively divided into 27 regions, one of which is an autonomous republic, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Its administrative status is recognized in the Ukrainian Constitution in Chapter X: Autonomous Republic of Crimea and is governed in accordance with laws passed by Ukraine's parliament, the Verkhovna Rada.[1]

ISO code[2] Name Flag Coat of arms Status Capital Area (sq mi) Population
UA-43 Autonomous Republic of Crimea Autonomous Republic of Crimea Coat of arms of Crimea Autonomous Republic Simferopol 10,038 1,966,801

List of former republics

In the past, there were two autonomous soviet socialist republics within the general administrative division of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Name Time period Flag Coat of arms Capital Area (sq mi) Population
Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic 1991–1992 Flag of Crimean ASSR Coat of arms of Crimean ASSR Simferopol 10,070 2,183,000 (1989)
Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic 1924–1940 Flag of Moldavian ASSR Coat of arms of Moldavian ASSR Chisinau (occupied)[3] 3,100 572,339 (1940)


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  3. Officially capital was the city of Chisinau, but temporarily the autonomous republic was governed at first from Balta, then Birzula, and finally - Tiraspol.

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