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Ayu-Dag. View from Artek's beach
Highest point
Elevation 572 m (1,877 ft)
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Location Crimea
Parent range Crimean Mountains

Ayu-Dag or Medved'-gora (Crimean Tatar: Ayuv Dağ, Russian: Аю-Даг also Медведь-гора, Ukrainian: Аю-Даг, Greek: Αγια (Aya - "Holy"[1])) is a summit of Crimea. It is also known under the Russified name Medved'-gora (Russian: Медведь-гора, Ukrainian: Ведмідь-гора). The summit is located 16 km north-east from Yalta between the towns of Gurzuf and Partenit.

Its Ancient Greek name was Κριού Μέτωπον (Kriou Metopon) meaning Ram's Brow.[2] The Slavic language variants of the mountain's name are translations from the Crimean Tatar name and mean Bear Mountain ("bear"-медведь in Russian, ведмідь in Ukrainian, ayuv in Crimean Tatar; "mountain"-гора in Russian and Ukrainian, dağ in Crimean Tatar).

The mountain is a laccolith. Today its territory is a Nature reserve (5.5 km2). There is a pioneer children's camp Artek near Ayu-Dag (Medved' Mountain) which is well known internationally. The eastern slopes of Ayu-Dag lead to an ancient settlement Partenit.

Remains of an early-medieval settlement and a number of churches were discovered here. In the 9th-10th centuries it was a well-known seaport, bound with cities of the Byzantine Empire. The western slopes lead to Artek.


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