Azat Abbasov

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Azat Abbasov
Birth name Abbasov Azat Zinnät ulı
Born (1925-01-19)January 19, 1925
Origin Yelabuga, Tatar ASSR, Soviet Union
Died October 11, 2006(2006-10-11) (aged 81)
Genres Opera
Occupation(s) Singer
Instruments Singing

Abbasov Azat Zinnät ulı ([ʌˈbɑsəf ʌˈzɑt ziːnˈnæt uˈlɯ]; Cyrillic: Аббасов Азат Зиннәт улы; Russian АббаXсов АзаXд (АзаXт) ЗиннаXтович, Abbasov Azad (Azat) Zinnatovich; (19 January 1925 - 11 October 2006) was a Tatar opera singer (lyric-dramatic tenor) who was awarded with the People's Artist of the USSR in 1977.[1]

He graduated from Kazan Aviation Technical School and worked at the "Kazan Helicopters" plant as a designer. In 1944, when the friend of Abbasovs' family, Tatar composer Salix Säydäş advised him to devote himself to professional singing, Azat entered the Tatar National Opera Studio within the Moscow Conservatory. He graduated from the conservatory in 1950 and returned to Kazan. In 1950s-1990s he was a soloist of Kazan-based Musa Cälil Tatar Opera and Ballet Theatre.[1][2]

Abbasov performed more than 100 parts in almost all leading performances. Major parts were Cälil, Tüläk (Cälil, Tülär and Susılu by Näcip Cihanov), Samat (Samat by Xösnulla Wäliulllin), Alfredo Gérmont (La traviata by Giuseppe Verdi), Sergey (Katerina Izmaylova by Dmitry Shostakovich).[2]

He was known for the high vocal culture with an extremely accurate diction. His repertoire had large variety; it contained Russian, Tatar, and Western European opera classics. His merits in vocal art development are highly appreciated: he was given a rank of the Honoured Artist of Tatarstan, the People’s and Honoured artist of Russia and the USSR.[2]


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