Birobidzhaner Shtern

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The Birobidzhaner Shtern (Yiddish: ביראָבידזשאנער שטערן; Russian: Биробиджанер Штерн Birobidžaner Štern; "The Birobidzhan Star") is a newspaper published in both Yiddish and Russian.[1] in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast of Russia. It was set up in the November of 1930 in Birobidzhan[2] to cater for the newly arrived Jewish immigrants. Henekh Kazakevich was first editor of the newspaper. Emmanuil Kazakevich was an author and staff member of the newspaper in 1935-1938. The Jewish Autonomous Oblast had been set up by the Soviet government in an attempt to resolve the Jewish Question and provide an alternative to the Zionist Jewish experience offered by Palestine. The paper has also has the advantage of the arrival of Mordechai Scheiner, a Yiddish speaker and the new Chief Rabbi for the Jewish Autonomous Oblast and head of the Birobidzhan Synagogue, [1] and additional Jewish settlements such as Valdgeym.[2] [3]

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