List of Second World War Victoria Cross recipients

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The Victoria Cross (VC) is a military decoration awarded for valour "in the face of the enemy" to members of armed forces of some Commonwealth countries and previous British Empire territories. It takes precedence over all other Orders, decorations and medals; it may be awarded to a person of any rank in any service and to civilians under military command.[1] The award was officially constituted when Queen Victoria issued a warrant under the Royal sign-manual on 29 January 1856 that was gazetted on 5 February 1856.[2] The order was backdated to 1854 to recognise acts of valour during the Crimean War.[3] The first awards ceremony was held on 26 June 1857, where Queen Victoria invested 62 of the 111 Crimean recipients in a ceremony in Hyde Park.[4]

The Victoria Cross was awarded 182 times to 181 recipients for action in the Second World War. The war, also known as World War II (WWII), was a global military conflict that involved a majority of the world's nations, including all of the great powers, organised into two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis. The war involved the mobilisation of more than 100 million military personnel, making it the most widespread war in history. In a state of "total war", the major participants placed their entire economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities at the service of the war effort, erasing the distinction between civilian and military resources. Throughout the six-year duration of the war, weapons and technology improved rapidly, including the use of jet aircraft, radar and nuclear weapons. More than 70 million people, the majority of whom were civilians, were killed, making it the deadliest conflict in human history.[5]

The start of the war is generally held to be 1 September 1939, with the German invasion of Poland and subsequent declarations of war on Germany by most of the Crown Colonies of the British Empire and Commonwealth, and by France. The first Victoria Cross of the war was awarded to Gerard Roope for action whilst in command of HMS Glowworm. The war at sea began immediately after war was declared with the Battle of the Atlantic, in which German U-boats attempted to disrupt and destroy allied convoys. Throughout the war the Royal Navy was tasked with guarding vital shipping lanes and enabling amphibious operations across the globe; the St Nazaire Raid saw five Victoria Crosses awarded.[6] The Battle of the Mediterranean was fought throughout the war and included the Battle of Taranto and Battle of Matapan, as well as protecting convoys including the Malta convoys. In total, 23 servicemen from the Royal Navy were awarded the Victoria Cross including one Royal Marine. Aerial warfare came into its own in World War II with several distinct roles emerging. The role of fighter planes developed during the Battle of Britain, where the Royal Air Force fought for air superiority against the Luftwaffe. The Battle of Britain was the first major campaign to be fought entirely by air forces. It was the largest and most sustained bombing campaign up until that date. Initially, RAF airfields were attacked, however as the battle progressed, operations were extended to the strategic level with The Blitz. Britain also conducted controversial strategic bombing campaigns in Europe and Asia; they involved hundreds of aircraft dropping tens of thousands of tons of munitions over a single city. Tactical strikes were also carried out by the RAF including Operation Chastise, where No. 617 Squadron RAF attacked German dams in the Ruhr valley using "bouncing bombs"; Guy Gibson was awarded the Victoria Cross for this action.

The war on the land did not begin until May 1940, as Britain and France were involved in a so-called Phoney War between Germany and the Franco-British alliance. The phoney war ended with the Battle of France where Germany invaded Benelux and subsequently France, which forced British troops to escape from Dunkirk. In 1941, war spread to the Middle East and North Africa as well as the East African Campaign. The United States officially joined the war in December 1941 after the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor. In 1942, British forces under Lieutenant General Bernard Montgomery defeated the Axis forces of General Erwin Rommel in the Second Battle of El Alamein, which marked a major turning point in the Western Desert Campaign and the North African Campaign. It ended Axis hopes of occupying Egypt, taking control of the Suez Canal, and gaining access to the Middle Eastern oil fields. Nine VCs were awarded for action in the Western Desert Campaign. By 1943, the war was being fought in several theatres, including the Pacific, North Africa and Southeast Asia. The Burma Campaign of the Pacific War took place from 1942 to 1945, and saw 29 Victoria Crosses awarded. By 1944 and the Allied invasion of Normandy, the Allies were making ground in several theatres including advances in the Burma Campaign. In Europe, the unsuccessful raid on Arnhem saw five soldiers awarded the Victoria Cross, four posthumously.[7] In May 1945, the Allies accepted the unconditional surrender of German forces, celebrated with VE Day. Actions after VE Day until the war in the Pacific was ended with the surrender of Japan onboard USS Missouri on 2 September 1945.[8] saw seven Commonwealth servicemen awarded the VC.

Charles Upham received the Victoria Cross and Bar; two awards for two acts. Upham was only the third recipient of the Victoria Cross and Bar, and the first for combatant actions; the previous two recipients were medical officers of the Royal Army Medical Corps.[9]

Of the 181 recipients 85 were awarded posthumously.


  •       This along with a * indicates a posthumous award
Name Unit Date of action Place of action
Aaron, ArthurArthur Aaron No. 218No. 218 Squadron RAF 1943-08-1212 August 1943* Turin, Italy[A]
Allmand, MichaelMichael Allmand 0066th Gurkha Rifles 1944-06-1111 June 1944
23 June 1944*
Pin Hmi Road Bridge, Burma
Anderson, CharlesCharles Anderson 002.192/19th Battalion, AIF 1942-01-1818–22 January 1942 Muar, Malaya
Anderson, EricEric Anderson East Yorkshire Regiment 1943-04-066 April 1943* Battle of Wadi Akarit, Tunisia
Anderson, JohnJohn Anderson Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's) 1943-04-2323 April 1943 Longstop Hill, Tunisia
Annand, RichardRichard Annand Durham Light Infantry 1940-05-1515–16 May 1940 River Dyle, Belgium
Barton, CyrilCyril Barton No. 578No. 578 Squadron RAF 1944-03-3030 March 1944* Nuremberg, Germany[A]
Baskeyfield, JohnJohn Baskeyfield South Staffordshire Regiment 1944-09-2020 September 1944* Arnhem, the Netherlands
Bates, SidneySidney Bates Royal Norfolk Regiment 1944-08-066 August 1944*[C] Sourdeval, France
Bazalgette, IanIan Bazalgette No. 635No. 635 Squadron RAF 1944-08-044 August 1944* Trossy St. Maximin, France[A]
Beattie, StephenStephen Beattie HMS Campbeltown 1942-03-2727 March 1942 St Nazaire, France
Beeley, JohnJohn Beeley King's Royal Rifle Corps 1941-11-2121 November 1941* Sidi Rezegh, Libya
Bhagat, PremindraPremindra Bhagat Corps of Indian Engineers 1941-01-3131 January 1941 to
1 February 1941
Gallabat, Abyssinia
Blaker, FrankFrank Blaker 0099th Gurkha Rifles 1944-07-099 July 1944* Taunggyi, Burma
Brunt, JohnJohn Brunt Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment) 1944-12-099 December 1944* Faenza, Italy
Burton, RichardRichard Burton Duke of Wellington's (West Riding) Regiment 1944-10-088 October 1944 Monte Ceco, Italy
Cain, RobertRobert Cain South Staffordshire Regiment 1944-09-1717–25 September 1944 Arnhem, the Netherlands
Cairns, GeorgeGeorge Cairns South Staffordshire Regiment 1944-03-1313 March 1944*[C] Henu Block, Burma
Cameron, DonaldDonald Cameron HMS X6 1943-09-2222 September 1943 Kåfjord, Norway
Campbell, JohnJohn Campbell Royal Horse Artillery 1941-11-2121–23 November 1941 Sidi Rezegh, Libya
Campbell, KennethKenneth Campbell No. 022No. 22 Squadron RAF 1941-04-066 April 1941* Brest, France[A]
Campbell, LorneLorne Campbell Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's) 1943-04-066 April 1943 Wadi Akarit, Tunisia
Chapman, EdwardEdward Chapman Monmouthshire Regiment 1945-04-022 April 1945 Dortmund-Ems Canal, Germany
Charlton, EdwardEdward Charlton Irish Guards 1945-04-2121 April 1945* Wistedt, Germany
Cheshire, LeonardLeonard Cheshire No. 035No. 35 Squadron RAF
No. 76 Squadron RAF
No. 617 Squadron RAF
1940-00-00June 1940–July 1944[D] Over Europe[A]
Chowne, AlbertAlbert Chowne 002.022/2nd Battalion, AIF 1945-03-2525 March 1945* Dagua, New Guinea
Cosens, AubreyAubrey Cosens Queen's Own Rifles of Canada 1945-02-2625–26 February 1945* Mooshof, Germany
Cruickshank, JohnJohn Cruickshank No. 210No. 210 Squadron RAF 1944-07-1717–18 July 1944 Atlantic Ocean[A]
Cumming, ArthurArthur Cumming Frontier Force Regiment 1942-01-033 January 1942 Kuantan, Malaya
Currie, DavidDavid Currie South Alberta Regiment 1944-08-1818–20 August 1944 Battle of Falaise, France
Cutler, RodenRoden Cutler Royal Australian Artillery 1941-06-1919 June 1941 to
6 July 1941
Merdjayoun-Damour, Lebanon
Derrick, TomTom Derrick 002.482/48th Battalion, AIF 1943-11-2424 November 1943 Sattelberg, New Guinea
Din, FazalFazal Din 01010th Baluch Regiment 1945-03-022 March 1945* Meiktila, Burma
Donnini, DennisDennis Donnini Royal Scots Fusiliers 1945-01-1818 January 1945* Stein, (Selfkant) Germany
Durrant, ThomasThomas Durrant Corps of Royal Engineers 1942-03-2727 March 1942*[C] St Nazaire, France
Eardley, GeorgeGeorge Eardley King's Shropshire Light Infantry 1944-10-1616 October 1944 Overloon, the Netherlands
Edmondson, JohnJohn Edmondson 002.172/17th Battalion, AIF 1941-04-1313–14 April 1941*[C] Tobruk, Libya
Edwards, HughieHughie Edwards No. 105No. 105 Squadron RAF 1941-07-044 July 1941 Bremen, Germany[A]
Elliott, KeithKeith Elliott 02222nd Battalion, NZEF 1942-07-1515 July 1942 Ruweisat, Egypt
Ervine-Andrews, HaroldHarold Ervine-Andrews East Lancashire Regiment 1940-05-3131 May 1940 to
1 June 1940
Dunkirk, France
Esmonde, EugeneEugene Esmonde 825825 Naval Air Squadron 1942-02-1212 February 1942 Straits of Dover, England[A]
Fegen, EdwardEdward Fegen HMS Jervis Bay 1940-11-055 November 1940* Atlantic Ocean
Foote, HenryHenry Foote 0077th Royal Tank Regiment 1942-05-2727 May 1942 to
15 June 1942
Foote, JohnJohn Foote Royal Canadian Army Chaplain Corps 1942-08-1919 August 1942 Dieppe, France
Fraser, IanIan Fraser HMS XE3 1945-07-3131 July 1945 Johore Straits, Singapore
French, JohnJohn French 002.092/9th Battalion, AIF 1942-09-044 September 1942* Milne Bay, New Guinea
Furness, ChristopherChristopher Furness Welsh Guards 1940-05-1717–24 May 1940* Arras, France
Gardner, PhilipPhilip Gardner 0044th Royal Tank Regiment 1941-11-2323 November 1941 Tobruk, Libya
Garland, DonaldDonald Garland No. 012No. 12 Squadron RAF 1940-05-1212 May 1940* Albert Canal, Belgium[A]
Ghadge, YeshwantYeshwant Ghadge Maratha Light Infantry 1944-07-1010 July 1944* Upper Tiber Valley, Italy
Ghale, GajeGaje Ghale 0055th Gurkha Rifles 1943-05-2424 May 1943 Chin Hills, Burma
Gibson, GuyGuy Gibson No. 617No. 617 Squadron RAF 1943-05-1616 May 1943[E] Möhne Dam, Germany[A]
Gordon, JamesJames Gordon 002.312/31st Battalion, AIF 1941-07-1010 July 1941 Djezzine, Syria
Gould, ThomasThomas Gould HMS Thrasher 1942-02-1616 February 1942 Crete, Mediterranean Sea
Gratwick, PercivalPercival Gratwick 002.482/48th Battalion, AIF 1942-10-2525–26 October 1942* Miteiriya Ridge, Egypt
Gray, RobertRobert Gray HMS Formidable 1945-08-099 August 1945* Honshū, Japan[A]
Gray, ThomasThomas Gray No. 012No. 12 Squadron RAF 1940-05-1212 May 1940* Albert Canal, Belgium[A]
Grayburn, JohnJohn Grayburn Parachute Regiment 1944-09-1717–20 September 1944* Arnhem, the Netherlands
Gristock, GeorgeGeorge Gristock Royal Norfolk Regiment 1940-05-2121 May 1940*[C] River Escaut, Belgium
Gunn, GeorgeGeorge Gunn 0033rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery 1941-11-2121 November 1941* Sidi Rezegh, Libya
Gurney, ArthurArthur Gurney 002.482/48th Battalion, AIF 1942-07-2222 July 1942* El Alamein, Egypt
Gurung, BhanbhagtaBhanbhagta Gurung 0022nd Gurkha Rifles 1945-03-055 March 1945 Tamandu, Burma
Gurung, LachhimanLachhiman Gurung 0088th Gurkha Rifles 1945-05-1212–13 May 1945 Taungdaw, Burma
Gurung, ThamanThaman Gurung 0085th Gurkha Rifles 1944-11-1010 November 1944* Monte San Bartolo, Italy
Hafiz, AbdulAbdul Hafiz 0099th Jat Infantry 1944-04-066 April 1944* Imphal, India
Haidar, AliAli Haidar 01313th Frontier Force Rifles 1945-04-099 April 1945 Fusignano, Italy
Hannah, JohnJohn Hannah No. 083No. 83 Squadron RAF 1940-09-1515 September 1940 Antwerp, Belgium[A]
Harden, EricEric Harden Royal Army Medical Corps 1945-01-2323 January 1945* Brachterbeek, the Netherlands
Harman, JohnJohn Harman Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment 1944-04-088–9 April 1944* Kohima, India
Harper, JohnJohn Harper York and Lancaster Regiment 1944-09-2929 September 1944* Antwerp, Belgium
Hinton, JackJack Hinton 0022nd Division, NZEF 1941-04-2929 April 1941 Kalamai, Greece
Hoey, CharlesCharles Hoey Lincolnshire Regiment 1944-02-1616 February 1944* Ngakyedauk Pass, Burma
Hollis, StanleyStanley Hollis Green Howards 1944-06-066 June 1944 Normandy, France
Hornell, DavidDavid Hornell No. 162No. 162 Squadron RCAF 1944-06-2424 June 1944* Faroes, Atlantic Ocean[A]
Horwood, AlecAlec Horwood Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) 1944-01-1818–20 January 1944* Kyauchaw, Burma
Hulme, CliveClive Hulme 0022nd Division, NZEF 1941-05-2020–28 May 1941 Crete, Greece
Hunter, ThomasThomas Hunter 04343 Commando 1945-04-022 April 1945* Lake Comacchio, Italy
Jackman, JamesJames Jackman Royal Northumberland Fusiliers 1941-11-2525 November 1941* Tobruk, Libya
Jackson, NormanNorman Jackson No. 106No. 106 Squadron RAF 1944-04-2626 April 1944 Schweinfurt, Germany[A]
Jadav, NamdeoNamdeo Jadav Maratha Light Infantry 1945-04-099 April 1945 Senio River, Italy
Jamieson, DavidDavid Jamieson Royal Norfolk Regiment 1944-08-077–8 August 1944 Grimbosq, France
Jefferson, FrancisFrancis Jefferson Lancashire Fusiliers 1944-05-1616 May 1944 Monte Cassino, Italy
Judge, KaramjeetKaramjeet Judge 01515th Punjab Regiment 1945-03-1818 March 1945* Meiktila, Burma
Kelliher, RichardRichard Kelliher 002.252/25th Battalion, AIF 1943-09-1313 September 1943 New Guinea
Kenna, EdwardEdward Kenna 002.042/4th Battalion, AIF 1945-05-1515 May 1945 Wewak, New Guinea
Kenneally, JohnJohn Kenneally Irish Guards 1943-04-2828 April 1943 Dj. Arada, Tunisia
Keyes, GeoffreyGeoffrey Keyes No. 011No. 11 (Scottish) Commando 1941-11-1717–18 November 1941* Beda Littoria, Libya
Kibby, WilliamWilliam Kibby 002.482/48th Battalion, AIF 1942-10-2323–31 October 1942* El Alamein, Egypt
Kingsbury, BruceBruce Kingsbury 002.142/14th Battalion, AIF 1942-08-2929 August 1942 Isurava, New Guinea
Knowland, GeorgeGeorge Knowland No. 001No. 1 Commando 1945-01-3131 January 1945* Kangaw, Burma
Lama, GanjuGanju Lama 0077th Gurkha Rifles 1944-06-1212 June 1944 Ningthoukhong, India
Lassen, AndersAnders Lassen Special Air Service 1945-04-088–9 April 1945* Lake Comacchio, Italy
Le Patourel, HerbertHerbert Le Patourel Hampshire Regiment 1942-12-033 December 1942 Tebourba, Tunisia
Leakey, NigelNigel Leakey King's African Rifles 1941-05-1919 May 1941* Colito, Abyssinia
Learoyd, RoderickRoderick Learoyd No. 049No. 49 Squadron RAF 1940-08-1212 August 1940 Dortmund-Ems Canal, Germany[A]
Liddell, IanIan Liddell Coldstream Guards 1945-04-033 April 1945 Lingen, Germany
Linton, JohnJohn Linton HMS Pandora
HMS Turbulent
1939-00-00September 1939 to
23 March 1943*[D]
Mediterranean Sea
Lord, DavidDavid Lord No. 271 Squadron RAF 1944-09-1919 September 1944* Arnhem, the Netherlands[A]
Lyell, CharlesCharles Lyell Scots Guards 1943-04-2222–27 April 1943* Dj Bou Arada, Tunisia
Mackey, JohnJohn Mackey 002.032/3rd Pioneer Battalion, AIF 1945-05-1212 May 1945* Tarakan Island, Borneo
Magennis, JamesJames Magennis HMS XE3 1945-07-3131 July 1945 Johore Straits, Singapore
Mahony, JohnJohn Mahony Westminster Regiment 1944-05-2424 May 1944 River Melfa, Italy
Malcolm, HughHugh Malcolm No. 018No. 18 Squadron RAF 1942-12-044 December 1942* Chougui, Tunisia[A]
Manser, LeslieLeslie Manser No. 050No. 50 Squadron RAF 1942-05-3030 May 1942* Cologne, Germany[A]
Mantle, JackJack Mantle HMS Foylebank 1940-07-044 July 1940* Portland, England
Merritt, CharlesCharles Merritt South Saskatchewan Regiment 1942-08-1919 August 1942 Dieppe, France
Middleton, RonRon Middleton No. 149No. 149 Squadron RAF 1942-11-2828 November 1942* Turin, Italy[A]
Miers, AnthonyAnthony Miers HMS Torbay 1942-03-044–5 March 1942 Corfu, Greece
Mitchell, GeorgeGeorge Mitchell London Scottish 1944-01-2323–24 January 1944* Damiano Ridge, Italy
Mynarski, AndrewAndrew Mynarski No. 419No. 419 Squadron RCAF 1944-06-1212 June 1944* Cambrai, France[A]
Nettleton, JohnJohn Nettleton No. 044No. 44 Squadron RAF 1942-04-1717 April 1942 Augsberg, Germany[A]
Newman, AugustusAugustus Newman Essex Regiment 1942-03-2828 March 1942 St Nazaire, France
Newton, WilliamWilliam Newton No. 022No. 22 Squadron RAAF 1943-03-1616–18 March 1943*[D][F] New Guinea[A]
Ngarimu, Moana-Nui-a-KiwaMoana-Nui-a-Kiwa Ngarimu 02828th Māori Battalion, NZEF 1943-03-2626–27 March 1943* Tebaga Gap, Tunisia
Nicholls, HarryHarry Nicholls Grenadier Guards 1940-05-2121 May 1940 River Escaut, Belgium
Nicolson, EricEric Nicolson No. 249No. 249 Squadron RAF 1940-08-1616 August 1940 Southampton, England[A]
Norton, GerardGerard Norton Kaffrarian Rifles 1944-08-3131 August 1944 Montegridolfo, Italy
Osborn, JohnJohn Osborn Winnipeg Grenadiers 1941-12-1919 December 1941* Mount Butler, Hong Kong
Palmer, RobertRobert Palmer No. 109No. 109 Squadron RAF 1944-12-2323 December 1944*[D] Cologne, Germany[A]
Partridge, FrankFrank Partridge 0088th Battalion, AIF 1945-07-2424 July 1945 Bougainville, New Guinea
Peters, FrederickFrederick Peters HMS Walney 1942-11-088 November 1942 Oran, Algeria
Place, BasilBasil Place HMS X7 1943-09-2222 September 1943 Kåfjord, Norway
Porteous, PatrickPatrick Porteous Royal Regiment of Artillery 1942-08-1919 August 1942 Dieppe, France
Pun, TulTul Pun 0066th Gurkha Rifles 1944-06-2323 June 1944 Mogaung, Burma
Queripel, LionelLionel Queripel 01010th Parachute Battalion 1944-09-1919 September 1944* Arnhem, the Netherlands
Rai, AgansingAgansing Rai 0055th Gurkha Rifles 1944-06-2626 June 1944 Bishenpur, India
Ram, BhandariBhandari Ram 01010th Baluch Regiment 1944-11-2222 November 1944 Arakan, Burma
Ram, ChheluChhelu Ram 0066th Rajputana Rifles 1943-04-1919–20 April 1943* Djebel Garci, Tunisia
Ram, KamalKamal Ram 0088th Punjab Regiment 1944-05-1212 May 1944 River Gari, Italy
Ram, RichhpalRichhpal Ram 0066th Rajputana Rifles 1941-02-077–8 February 1941 Keren, Eritrea
Randle, JohnJohn Randle Royal Norfolk Regiment 1944-05-044–6 May 1944* Kohima, India
Rattey, ReginaldReginald Rattey 002.2525th Battalion, AIF 1945-03-2222 March 1945 Bougainville, Solomon Islands
Raymond, ClaudClaud Raymond Corps of Royal Engineers 1945-03-2121 March 1945*[C] Talaku, Burma
Reid, WilliamWilliam Reid No. 061No. 61 Squadron RAF 1943-11-033 November 1943 Düsseldorf, Germany[A]
Roberts, PeterPeter Roberts HMS Thrasher 1942-02-1616 February 1942 Crete, Mediterranean Sea
Rogers, MauriceMaurice Rogers Wiltshire Regiment 1944-06-033 June 1944 Anzio, Italy
Roope, GerardGerard Roope HMS Glowworm 1940-04-088 April 1940 Norwegian Sea, off Trondheim
Ryder, RobertRobert Ryder HMS Campbeltown 1942-03-2828 March 1942 St Nazaire, France
Sandys-Clarke, WillwardWillward Sandys-Clarke Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire) 1943-04-2323 April 1943* Guiriat El Atach, Tunisia
Savage, WilliamWilliam Savage HM Motor Gun BoatHM Motor Gun Boat 1942-03-2828 March 1942* St Nazaire, France
Scarf, ArthurArthur Scarf No. 062No. 62 Squadron RAF 1941-12-099 December 1941* Singora, Malaya[A]
Seagrim, DerekDerek Seagrim Green Howards 1943-03-2020–21 March 1943 Mareth Line, Tunisia
Sephton, AlfredAlfred Sephton HMS Coventry 1941-05-1818 May 1941*[C] Crete, Mediterranean Sea
Shah, SherSher Shah 01616th Punjab Regiment 1945-01-1919–20 January 1945* Kyeyebyin, Burma
Sherbrooke, RobertRobert Sherbrooke HMS Onslow 1942-12-3131 December 1942 North Cape, Norway
Sidney, WilliamWilliam Sidney Grenadier Guards 1944-02-088–9 February 1944 Anzio, Italy
Singh, GianGian Singh 01515th Punjab Regiment 1945-03-022 March 1945 Myingyan, Burma
Singh, NandNand Singh Sikh Regiment 1944-03-1111–12 March 1944 MaungdawButhidaung Road, Burma
Singh, ParkashParkash Singh 0088th Punjab Regiment 1943-01-066 January 1943 Donbaik, Burma
Singh Chib, PrakashPrakash Singh Chib 01313th Frontier Force Rifles 1945-02-1616–17 February 1945* Kanlan Ywathit, Burma
Singh, RamRam Singh 0011st Punjab Regiment 1944-10-2525 October 1944* Tiddim, Burma
Singh, UmraoUmrao Singh 08181st West African Division 1944-12-1515–16 December 1944 Kaladan Valley, Burma
Smith, ErnestErnest Smith 001Seaforth Highlanders of Canada 1944-10-2121–22 October 1944 River Savio, Italy
Smythe, QuentinQuentin Smythe Royal Natal Carabineers 1942-06-055 June 1942 Alem Hamza, Egypt
Stannard, RichardRichard Stannard HMT Arab 1940-04-2828 April 1940 to
2 May 1940
Namsos, Norway
Starcevich, LeslieLeslie Starcevich 002.432/43rd Battalion, AIF 1945-06-2828 June 1945 Beaufort, Borneo
Stokes, JamesJames Stokes King's Shropshire Light Infantry 1945-03-011 March 1945* Kervenheim, Germany
Sukanaivalu, SefanaiaSefanaia Sukanaivalu Fiji Infantry Regiment 1944-06-2323 June 1944* Bougainville, Solomon Islands
Swales, EdwinEdwin Swales No. 582No. 582 Squadron RAF 1945-02-2323 February 1945* Pforzheim, Germany[A]
Thapa, LalbahadurLalbahadur Thapa 0022nd Gurkha Rifles 1943-04-055–6 April 1943 Rass-es-Zouai, Tunisia
Thapa, NetrabahadurNetrabahadur Thapa 0055th Gurkha Rifles 1944-06-2525–26 June 1944 Bishenpur, India
Thapa, SherSher Thapa 0099th Gurkha Rifles 1944-09-1818–19 September 1944* San Marino, Italy
Thompson, GeorgeGeorge Thompson No. 009No. 9 Squadron RAF 1945-01-011 January 1945*[C] Dortmund-Ems Canal, Germany[A]
Tilston, FrederickFrederick Tilston Essex Scottish Regiment 1945-03-011 March 1945 Uedem, Germany
Topham, FrederickFrederick Topham 0011st Canadian Parachute Battalion 1945-03-2424 March 1945 Rhine, Germany
Trent, LeonardLeonard Trent No. 487No. 487 Squadron RNZAF 1943-05-033 May 1943 Amsterdam, the Netherlands[A]
Trigg, LloydLloyd Trigg No. 200No. 200 Squadron RAF 1943-08-1111 August 1943* Atlantic Ocean[A]
Triquet, PaulPaul Triquet Royal 22e Régiment 1943-12-1414 December 1943 Casa Berardi, Italy
Turner, HansonHanson Turner West Yorkshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales's Own) 1944-06-066–7 June 1944* Ningthoukhong, India
Turner, VictorVictor Turner Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own) 1942-10-2727 October 1942 El Alamein, Egypt
Upham, CharlesCharles Upham 0022nd Division, NZEF 1941-05-2222–30 May 1941
14–15 July 1942[B]
Crete, Greece
El Ruweisat Ridge, Egypt
Wakeford, RichardRichard Wakeford Hampshire Regiment 1944-05-1313 May 1944 Cassino, Italy
Wakenshaw, AdamAdam Wakenshaw Durham Light Infantry 1942-06-2727 June 1942* Mersa Matruh, Egypt
Wanklyn, MalcolmMalcolm Wanklyn HMS Upholder 1941-05-2424 May 1941 Sicily, Mediterranean Sea
Warburton-Lee, BernardBernard Warburton-Lee HMS Hardy 1940-04-1010 April 1940* Ofotfjord, Norway
Ward, JamesJames Ward No. 075No. 75 Squadron RAF 1941-07-077 July 1941 Munster, Germany[A]
Watkins, TaskerTasker Watkins Welch Regiment 1944-08-1616 August 1944 Barfour, France
Weston, BasilBasil Weston Green Howards 1945-03-033 March 1945* Meiktila, Burma
Wilkinson, ThomasThomas Wilkinson HMS Li Wo 1942-02-1414 February 1942* Java Sea, Malaya
Wilson, EricEric Wilson East Surrey Regiment 1940-08-1111–15 August 1940 Observation Hill, Somaliland
Wright, PeterPeter Wright Coldstream Guards 1943-09-2525 September 1943 Salerno, Italy


  • ^ Victoria Cross was awarded for actions during air combat.
  • ^ This was a Bar to the Victoria Cross
  • ^ Recipient died of their wounds
  • ^ Recipient awarded the Victoria Cross for an extended period of sustained courage and outstanding leadership, rather than a single act of valour.
  • ^ Gibson was awarded the Victoria Cross primarily for the raid, but also for leadership and valour demonstrated as master bomber on many previous sorties.
  • ^ Newton was captured by Japanese Forces and beheaded 11 days later.[10]
  • G  Sergeant H.V.Turner, Subedar Netrabahadur Thapa, Naik Agansing Rai and Rifleman Ganju Lama won their VCs in combat in the state of Manipur in India but the citations wrongly referred to the locations as being in Burma. These errors have been rectified in the list above.


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