Central Black Earth Oblast

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Central Black Earth Oblast
Центрально-Чернозёмная область
Oblast of the Soviet Union
Location of Central Black Earth Oblast
Location of Central Black Earth Oblast in the Soviet Union.
Capital Voronezh
 •  Established May 14, 1928 1928
 •  Disestablished June 13, 1934 1934
Political subdivisions 11 okrugs

Central Black Earth Oblast (Russian: Центрально-Чернозёмная область, Tsentralno-Chernozyomnaya Oblast) was an oblast (a first-level administrative and municipal unit) of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic from 1928 to 1934.[1] Its seat was in the city of Voronezh. The oblast was located in the center of European Russia, and its territory is currently divided between Voronezh, Oryol, Kursk, Belgorod, Lipetsk, and Tambov Oblasts, as well as a minor part of Penza Oblast. The geographical territory is former Oblast does not currently have any administrative significance, but is often referred to as Central Black Earth Region.

The most important authority in the oblast was the first secretary of the CPSU Oblast Committee. For the whole existence of the oblast, the first secretary was Juozas Vareikis (Iosif Mikhaylovich Vareykis).


The oblast was established on May 14, 1928 by the All-Russian Central Executive Committee. The territory of the krai was formed from four governorates, Voronezh, Kursk, Oryol, and Tambov Governorates.[1]

On July 16, 1928, the All-Russian Central Executive Committee issued a decree splitting Central Black Earth Oblast into eleven administrative districts (okrugs)[1]

Before the oblast was established, the constituent governorates used the old division inherited from the Russian Empire (uyezds). On July 30, 1928 the division of the oblast into districts was established.

The following districts have been established,[1]

In 1929, the city of Voronezh was made a special administrative unit subordinate to the oblast, and Voronezh Okrug was abolished and split into Stary Oskol Okrug and Usman Okrug. On July 23, 1930 the okrugs were abolished, and the districts were made directly subordinate to the oblast authorities. In particular, the oblast had two Beryozovsky Districts. The number of districts was considerably reduced on several occasions. On April 7, 1932 the city of Lipetsk was made a separate administrative unit.[1]

On June 13, 1934, by the Decree of All-Russian Central Executive Committee the oblast was abolished. Its territory was divided between newly established Voronezh Oblast and Kursk Oblast.


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