Central Solomon languages

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Central Solomons
Solomon Islands
Linguistic classification: One of the world's primary language families
  • Bilua
  • Touo
  • Lavukaleve
  • Savosavo
Glottolog: None
Language families of the Solomon Islands.
  Central Solomons

The Central Solomon languages are the four Papuan languages spoken in the Solomon Islands. They were identified as a family by Wilhelm Schmidt in 1908 and were classified as East Papuan languages by Wurm, but this does not now seem tenable, and was abandoned in Ethnologue (2009). Although some studies have tried to find if these languages are genetically related, no conclusive proof has been found by now.[1]

The four languages are,


Ross (2001) reconstructs pronouns and pronominal object suffixes (represented with hyphens) for proto-Central Solomons as follows:

Person Singular Dual Plural
1 exclusive *ŋa, *a *-la *ge *ŋe, *ve
1 inclusive  ? *mai
2 *ŋo, *nu  ? *be *me
3 masculine  ? *-la *la(/*lo) *ma, *mu
3 feminine *vo, ko *-ma

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