Chernihivskyi Avtobusnyi Zavod

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PJSC "Chernihiv car" (PEA; Ukrainian: PJSC "Chernіhіvskyi Automobile") is a private (closed) Ukrainian manufacturer of buses located in Chernihiv.


The plant was founded in 2003 in at the plant of "ChernihivAvtoDetal" (Chernihiv factory driveshafts), which in addition to the principal product from the late 1990s was one of the largest collector car Gorky Automobile Plant in the Ukraine. Part of the corporation Corporation Etalon. Manufacturing driveshafts also been retained by the reorganized company, dubbed LLC "Ukrainian gimbal. In 2003, with the first came off the assembly line buses BAZ 2215 "Dolphin". With increasing demands on the buses BAZ A079, part of the production was moved to Chernihiv from Boryspil Automobile, also included in the corporation. In 2007 have been put on the conveyor new bus PEA A074 chassis FAW. In 2008 at the factory started production of buses PEA A083, and 2011 y - bus BAZ A081. Also in 2011 at the plant was introduced sovsmestno produced with Belarus now, "Belkommunmash" trolley BCM 321, which is August 24, 2011 runs on Chernihiv trolleybus route number 4.


As of 2012 at the factory produced the following models of buses and trolley buses:

Previously released:

Products manufactured by the
Minibus BAZ-2215 "Dolphin" Bus BAZ-A079 Bus BAZ-A081 Troyanda Trolley BCM CHAZ 321

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