Christiaan Boers

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Christianus Franciscus Johannes (Christiaan) Boers (24 October 1889 The Hague- 3 May 1942) was a captain of the Royal Netherlands Army during World War II. During the Battle of The Afsluitdijk, he rallied his men to successfully push back the German attackers. This was one of the few victories of the Allied forces on the Western Front in 1940.

After the surrender of Dutch forces on 15 May 1940, Boers joined the Dutch resistance. He joined an illegal organization called the OD (Orde Dienst).[1] It was set up to preserve order once the Germans would have been defeated. Boers was executed by the Germans at Sachsenhausen concentration camp in 1942.[1] He was a professional officer, who was considered a natural born leader. It was said that his men would follow him blindly into battle.[1] Today there is a monument in memory of him on the Afsluitdijk.[1]

On 9 May 1946 Boers was awarded the Bronze Cross for his service as commander of Fort Kornwerderzand. Near the bunker is a monument to Boers and Lieutenant G J Ham. On 28 June 2005 the Kornwerderzand viaduct was renamed Captain Boers Viaduct. The sign was unveiled by Boers' son Dick Boers and his grandson Guus Boers.


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