Clive Branson

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Clive Ali Chimmo Branson (1907–1944) was an English artist and poet, and an active communist in the 1930s. A number of his paintings are in the Tate Gallery.

He was an active recruiter for the International Brigade, and himself fought in the Spanish Civil War from January 1938, being captured at Calaceite on 31 March 1938. As a prisoner of war at the Francoist camp of San Pedro de Cardeña, he painted and sketched the camp and many of its inmates, at the request of the authorities; some of this work survives in the Marx Memorial Library in London.[1]

He married Noreen Browne in 1931. He died in action in Burma on 25 February 1944, where he was serving as a Sergeant in the British Army, as part of the 54th Training Regiment of the Royal Armoured Corps.[2]



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