Corrado Balducci

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Corrado Balducci
Born (1923-05-11)May 11, 1923
Milan, Italy
Died September 20, 2008(2008-09-20)
Rome, Italy
Education Pontificia Accademia Ecclesiastica
Occupation Theology

Monsignor Corrado Balducci (born May 11, 1923, in Italy; died September 20, 2008 in Italy[1]) was a Roman Catholic theologian of the Vatican Curia,[2] a close friend of the pope,[3] a long-time exorcist for the Archdiocese of Rome,[2] and a Prelate of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and the Society for the Propagation of the Faith.[2] He has written several books about the subliminal messages in rock and metal music, diabolic possessions, and extraterrestrials.[2] Monsignor Balducci often appeared on Italian TV to talk about satanism, religion, and extraterrestrials.[4]


Balducci graduated in 1954 from Pontificia Accademia Ecclesiastica, the Vatican training institute for priests who will be future papal ambassadors, or nuncios.[5]


Balducci has said that extraterrestrial contact is real.[4][6][7][8][9]

The Devil

Balducci says: "The Devil is an angel who became evil from choice; as a [fallen] angel it is a spiritual being. Therefore its existence is a truth which cannot be demonstrated directly, but no less certain for that, since it falls within the fully documentable historical fact of the Revelation. Had God not disclosed this truth, man would never have been able to find out with certainity [sic] the existence of demons and angels [...] The devil, being an angel, has a nature and abilities which are much higher to ours; however, whereas angels use their powers for the sake of good, demons use them for evil and perverted goals".[10]

In relation to the teachings of the Catholic Church, he has stressed that extraterrestrial encounters "are demonic, they are not due to psychological impairment, and they are not a case of entity attachment, but these encounters deserve to be studied carefully."[3] He denies the rumor that the Vatican follows reported incidents of extraterrestrial encounters from its nunciatures in different countries.

Balducci's opinions received a wider context in 2008 when the Vatican's chief astronomer José Gabriel Funes also discussed the possibility of extraterrestrial life.


  • As God's power is limitless, it is not only possible but also likely that inhabited planets exist.[11]
  • It is probable that there are other beings, that is not very strange, because among the human and angelic nature, of which we have the theological certainty, there is a big too much discrepancy. And among this man, in whom the spirit is subordinate as to the matter, and the Angels that are alone spirit, are probable that they exist of the beings that have spirit with the very less matter and body of that, that we have. They could be those that we call UFO, these persons that would appear with these crafts, and that also have not only one science, but a natural ability to be our guardians.[12]

Quote rewritten in better English, hopefully paraphrased correctly[citation needed].

  • It is probable that there are other beings. That is not very strange, because there is too much discrepancy between human and angelic nature, of which we have the theological certainty. And since in man, the spirit is subordinate to matter, and since the Angels are alone spirit, it is probable that beings exist with very much less body and matter than we have. They could be those that we call Ufo, these persons that would appear with these wagons, and that also have not only one science, but a natural ability to be our guardians.[12]


  • 2005 PRG Disclosure Award [1]





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