Ostrobothnia County

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Ostrobothnia County
Österbottens län
Pohjanmaan lääni
County of the Swedish Empire

Capital Vaasa
 •  Established 1634
 •  Disestablished 1775

Ostrobothnia County (Swedish: Österbottens län, Finnish: Pohjanmaan lääni) was a county of the Swedish Empire from 1634 to 1775.

The county was split in 1755 to County of Vasa (Swedish: Vasa län, Finnish: Vaasan lääni) and County of Uleåborg (Swedish: Uleåborg län, Finnish: Oulun lääni).

Provinces of Finland 1634: 1: Turku and Pori, 14: Nyland and Tavastehus, 18: Ostrobothnia, 20: Viborg and Nyslott, 21: Kexholm
Provinces of Finland 1776: 1: Turku and Pori, 4: Vaasa, 10: Oulu, 14: Nyland and Tavastehus, 15: Kymmenegård, 16: Savolax and Karelia