D. W. Gotshalk

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Dilman Walter Gotshalk (11 September 1901 – 19 February 1973) was an American philosopher and academic.


Gotshalk was born in Trenton, New Jersey. In 1922, he received his BA from Princeton University, where he studied under Warner Fite. In 1924, he attended Cornell University and devoted a year to Kant's critiques under Ernest Albee (1865–1927). Gotshalk received his PhD in 1927 and became a professor of philosophy at the University of Illinois, where he taught until his retirement.

He died in Olney, Illinois.


  • Structure and Reality (1937)
  • Art and the Social Order (1947)
  • Patterns of Good and Evil (1963)
  • The Promise of Modern Life (1958)
  • Human Aims in Modern Perspective (1966)
  • The Structure of Awareness: Introduction to a Situational Theory of Truth and Knowledge (1969)


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