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Fr Daniel Sysoev

Daniel Alexeyevich Sysoev (Russian: Даниил Алексеевич Сысоев; 1974–2009) was a married Russian Orthodox priest, the rector of St. Thomas' church in southern Moscow and a prominent missionary.

He was killed in the church by a masked gunman on November 19, 2009.[1] Sysoev was known for his missionary activity, including among Russia's Muslim community, neo-Pagans, and Protestants.[2] In December 2009, Sysoev's murder was claimed by a militant Islamic group based in the North Caucasus. According to a statement made by Russian Islamists and released on kavkazcentre.com,

"One of our brothers who has never been to the Caucases took up the oath of (former independent Chechen president Doku Umarov) and expressed his desire to execute the damned Sysoyev."[3]

Sysoev was born into a family of Soviet dissidents. His father was Alexei Sysoev, senior priest of St John the Theologian Cathedral in Yasenevo District.[4]

Sysoev's sermons were published in a series of books. Explaining the teaching of the Orthodox Church, Sysoev used the term 'Uranopolitism'.[5]

Hieromonk Job Gumerov and many other faithful and clergy consider the murder of Sysoev to be a martyrdom.[6][7]

237 priests and more than 1000 lay people were present at the burial service.[8] His Holiness Patriarch Kiril I also came to say farewall to Sysoev.[9]


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