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Standard Estonian military map symbol for a brigade.
Active present
Country  Estonia
Branch Estonian Ground Force
Type infantry
Size 35000
Equipment small firearms
grenade launchers
tactical transport vehicles
infantry fighting vehicles
portable missile launchers
artillery group
air defence systems
Commander Major general ES-Army-OF19.jpg

Diviis, (English: division) is a large military unit led by a superior officer that is subordinate to an infantry brigade. Diviis is bigger than a brigaad (brigade) but smaller than a korpus (Corps). There are currently no divisions among the Estonian Ground Force infantry units.[1]


It usually consists of 20000 to 35000 soldiers, and is further subdivided into brigades. Diviis is composed of two to four brigades 5000 to 8750 soldiers each, as well as a division leader (diviisiiülem) who is usually a major general (kindralmajor). His second in command is a brigadier general (brigaadikindral) as an assistant of the division (diviisiülema abi).[2]


One single division is ment to operate on a battlefield along with other divisions on a front which covers more than two counties in Estonia. The is a logistical support element in the structure of a division which is based on a reserve brigade. The formation transport is usually made up by 5000 to 7000 tactical transport vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG 435.[3]

Other military uses

In modern times, the divisional structure has been standardized by most military forces. This does not mean that divisions are equal in size or structure from military to military, but generally divisions have in most cases come to be units of 10,000 to 20,000 troops with enough support organic to the unit to be capable of independent operations. Usually the direct organization of the division consists of one to four brigades or battle groups of the primary combat arm of the division along with a brigade or regiment of combat support (usually artillery) and a number of direct-reporting battalions for various specialized support tasks such as the essential intelligence, logistics, reconnaissance, and combat engineers. In most militaries, ideal organization strength is standardized for each type of division, encapsulated in a Table of Organization and Equipment, or TO&E, which specifies exact assignments of units, personnel, and equipment for the division.

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