Dmitry Ovtsyn

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File:Dmitry Ovtsyn.jpg
A portrait of Dmitry Ovtsyn by N. V. Pinegin

Dmitry Leontiyevich Ovtsyn (Russian: Дмитрий Леонтьевич Овцын) (unknown - after 1757) was a Russian hydrographer and Arctic explorer.

In 1734-1738, Ovtsyn led one of the units of the Second Kamchatka expedition that charted the coastline of the Kara Sea east of the river Ob. In summer of 1737, his unit made its way from Ob to Yenisei and made the first hydrographic description of this part of the Siberian coastline. In 1741, Ovtsyn took part in Vitus Bering's voyage to the shores of America.

A cape on the Taimyr Peninsula and a strait between the islands Oleniy and Sibiryakov bear his name.