Donaldson Awards

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Donaldson Awards
Awarded for Broadway theatre
Location New York City, New York
Country United States
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Reward Gold key and a scroll
First awarded 1944 (79 years ago) (1944)
Last awarded 1955 (68 years ago) (1955)
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The Donaldson Awards were established in 1944 by the drama critic Robert Francis[1] in honor of W. H. Donaldson (1864–1925), the founder of The Billboard (now Billboard) magazine.

Categories included "best new play", "best new musical", "best performance", "best debut" and "best costumes and set design". The winners were chosen by votes of the theatre community at large with no predetermined nominees and the winners were presented with a gold key and a scroll.[1]

According to an article in Billboard, "The Donaldson Awards are the stages' accolades to their own."[2]

The awards were discontinued in 1955 having been overshadowed by the Antoinette Perry Awards (Tony Awards).[3]

List of winners


(Note: on occasion a single performance won in multiple categories, such as Nanette Fabray winning as both actress and supporting actress for High Button Shoes.)



First Play

Director (play)

Actor (play)

Actress (play)

Supporting Actor (play)

Supporting Actress (play)

Male Debut (play)

Female Debut (play)

Settings (play)

Costumes (play)



Director (musical)

Actor (musical)

Actress (musical)

Supporting Actor (musical)

Supporting Actress (musical)

Male Debut (musical)

Female Debut (musical)

Dance Direction

Male Dancer

Female Dancer

Book (musical)

Lyrics (musical)

Score (musical)

Settings (musical)

Costumes (musical)

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