Edgar Henry Banger

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Edgar Henry Banger (b. 27 February 1897 - died 1968) or as he was known as Harry Banger was well known for his amazing cartoon illustrations from 1926 and most proficient through the 1930s in which his colourful characters were included in comics such as Rattler, Dazzler, Rocket and Bouncer.


Banger's most famous was Koko the Pup for DC Thompson's Magic, and also Dully duckling which appeared in Sunny Stories through late 40s and into the 50s.

His artwork was also well recognised through Norfolk, being a regular cartoonist for the local papers such as The Eastern Daily Press, Evening News and the Norwich City Football club paper The Pink Un, in which a lot of his tongue in cheek cartoons were mostly Football based. He was famous for the characters Canary and Dumpling featuring debonair characters with a cartoon Canary or Dumpling head in the Norwich city Colours. A lot of his cartoons were monogrammed HB, Bang, or Harry Banger.

Where he worked

He did most of his work from home in his small studio room in the back of the terrace house that he lived in at Wood Street Norwich, with his wife Maud Banger, daughter Yvonne, and sons Ray and Neville.


He died in 1968 at the age of 71.

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