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Education in Belarus is free at all levels, higher education included.[1]. The government ministry that oversees the running of the school systems is the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus. Each of the regions inside Belarus have oversight of the education systems, and students have the ability to attend either a public (state) or a private school. The current structure of the educational system was established by decree in 1994.

In Belarus 2 leading establishments of higher education in national education system:

Pre-High education

Education in primary and secondary schools are required for children from the ages of six until fifteen. After finishing basic education, each student is given a certificate by the state and is able to enter the workforce or serve in the military. Students do have the option of going for a higher education or train in a vocational school; the length of the schooling depends on what the student has chosen.

Higher Education

Higher Education is, since 1991, in constant growth. Today, 4725 per ten thousands citizens are undergraduates (2011). Belarus has also adopted the ECTS system, allowing more student mobility. [1] Belarus counts 55 Higher Education institutions (45 state-owned, 10 private).


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